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Exclusive: Interview with Aaron Mazarati

From an early age to this day, Aaron Mazarati has made music a massive part of his life. After releasing multiple EPs and mixtapes, he’s ready to release his new album Black Tees x Blue Jeans and go on tour in 2017.

We talked about his musical beginnings, his creative process, and future projects!

What made you want to pursue music as a career?
The want to pursue actually came from the realization that I am destined to affect people through my music. Some call it a calling, I call it instinct. The emotional turmoil I experienced, mixed with my musical background as a youth led me to where I am today; especially when it comes to my songwriting. The path was designed before me and it was up to me to walk down that path.

Is there a person or event that sparked your passion for music?
At the age of 14, my dear grandmother was terribly taken from me and my family. To cope with the devastating loss, I took on an interest in poetic expression as my method of therapy. Poetry, alongside my grandmother’s belief in me to succeed when she was alive ultimately led to my passion and skill to express through writing. Since I was already trained in music at a younger age, the blend of my poetry writings and heightened musical abilities lead to my natural fate. I was made to make music and there was no way around it.

Who are some artists who’ve influenced your musical style?
The Beatles are by far my biggest musical influence. The reason for this is the impact that they made on the music industry and structure to music, which many don’t know is where a lot of the structure we have today came from. Eric Clapton is another influence of mine due to his remarkable use of the guitar and the importance he has held in the evolution songwriting. Nirvana for their innovation and leadership in grunge/alternative of the early 90’s, which is something a Northwest raised could avoid in the beginning half of the 90’s. Jay-Z for his use of the English language in a way that changed and continues to change in the world of hip hop. I can’t forget to mention one of my favorite groups…The Diplomats (Dipset): Juelz Santana, Cam’ron & Jim Jones (not so much Jim Jones). If you listen to my style you can definitely hear that Harlem influence that I picked up on as a youngster.

Is there anyone you’d like to collaborate with?
Right now I really want to link up with Sammy Adams, who is also represented by the same PR firm as I, MLC PR. I think that the way music is positioned with hip hop/popular music right now, that they are opening up a hole that will need voiding soon and we can change the game with both our creative minds meshed together. Then take that content on a worldwide tour. Real talk.

What do you think was the most challenging part of putting the Black Tees x Blue Jeans album together?
Honestly, the creation of this project flowed incredibly nicely. I know people want to hear about the hardships, but I swear there weren’t any. My team and I have a great time in the creation process and when an artist starts to view things as highly challenging, that’s when they attempt to over compensate and force out creativity. I don’t do that. I let the creativity flow through me and I will never jump in the studio forcing out art. It has to flow or it’s a no go.

What inspired the storyline for the “Black Tees x Blue Jeans” music video?
If you have ever had the privilege to experience Showtime’s series, “Californication”, you know that the main character “Hank Moody” (David Duchovny) is who is an esteemed but erratic Los Angeles writer who frequently becomes immersed in bizarre, and in some cases, scandalous situations. To me, this is me to a T. I also can’t leave out the fact that in Hank’s writing process he enjoys sitting down in front of the keyboard with some marijuana as he taps into his subconscious expression and that is damn near close to exactly what I do. In the show he drapes himself in a plethora of black tee shirts and weathered blue jeans, which is my daily attire. So with all this combined you get a truly amazing album called “Black Tees x Blue Jeans”.

What’s your fix for writer’s block while writing new music?
I have a secret notebook I created to avoid “brick walls”. I could tell you about it but it wouldn’t be much of a secret notebook then, would it? So in turn, I don’t actually believe in writer’s block because there is a solution to every problem.

Do you have a favourite EP or mixtape you’ve created so far?
You know, I treat every song/project as my babies. To favor one of your offspring is simply not right. I love every single one of these beauties I’ve given birth to. With that said, numbers also don’t lie and the hype that has been generated with the new single, “Just Did It”, has got me thinking I should give the little guy a ton of tender love and care for being such a good kid.

Are there any cities you’re looking forward to visiting on tour?
I say this with no disrespect to any city in the world…but I am extremely excited to do shows in Seattle, Portland, Chicago, New York, Miami, New Orleans, San Diego, Dublin & Los Angeles. These markets are crazy wild and I love resonating in cities that have so much love to give and these markets tend to spread my love too. Without a doubt, I love you all though.

Can you tell us about any future projects you’re excited to work on and release?
Right now we are about to kick off a U.S. University Tour with random shows all over those markets. In the meantime, we’re going to shoot two more music videos. Then since I have a borderline addiction to creating, I just finished the next album, which I plan on releasing February 2017. So there really isn’t much of a long wait for the next batch of awesomeness. Any and all requests, please don’t ever hesitate to tweet @mazaratimusic . God bless you all. Mad love.

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Written by Kath Jiang

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