Exclusive Interview: Alesso Discusses New Single ‘REMEDY’

Alesso and his new track ‘REMEDY,’ featuring Conor Maynard, are surprising fans and providing the industry with a well needed change in electronic sound. The song was released on August 31, 2018, and has already reached well over 45 million streams across audio and video in under three weeks. In an interview with CelebMix, Alesso opens up about the collaboration process with Conor Maynard, the music video for ‘REMEDY’ and more.

How did you first get involved in music?

Ever since I was 3 years old, I was into music. Dancing and singing. I was a huge Michael Jackson fan. For the producing part, dance music and this whole electronic music thing came into my life when I was 13-14. I just started Googling and YouTubing and I found out about this whole underground scene of dance music and DJs and stuff like that. It blew my mind. I was hooked on it right away.

You recently released the song ‘REMEDY.’ What can you tell us about that track?

I was going back and forth a little bit [about] what was going to be my first single of the year. There were a couple of options and then I just finished ‘REMEDY’ a month before we put it out. I was like this needs to be the next single. This should be the song you want to listen to after the summer. After the summer, you think back at what has hopefully been a great summer and you’re really happy about it, but you’re also sad. I feel like that is what this song is giving you. It’s happy, but sad at the same time.

How was it to collaborate on this track with Conor Maynard?

I’ve known Conor for a while actually. We’ve been in the studio before ‘REMEDY.’ We have other songs that we’ve done. I really like him as a person. We have the same humour and everything. We always make fun of each other. I made fun of him the other day on Instagram and he made fun of me back. With ‘REMEDY,’ I actually had another person singing the song, another male [who was] one of the writers that wrote the song with me, and I was like there is only one person who could take this vocal to the next level. The song was like a 7, but when I had Conor cut it, it became a 10. He’s super easy to work with too. He has no attitude or anything like that.

What makes this song different than the other songs you have released in the past?

As a producer, DJs these days we always want to put a drop into the song. We want it to have that kind of climax and then go into a drop. There used to be a lot of synthesizers and then there was a lot of vocal chops, [like] the Skrillex stuff, and now we’re at the point [where] everything’s been done. I feel like with ‘REMEDY,’ it has a drop but it doesn’t feel like a drop. It’s like the chorus being extended and keeping the chorus going into a kick drum. I haven’t heard a song for a long time that has that kind of structure and sound; so to me, it’s fresh.

The music video for ‘REMEDY’ is very unique and has a great message. How was it to be a part of that and where did the inspiration behind it come from?

I always said that as a kid, I was an alien. No, I’m kidding! A friend of mine who is a part of my management team, he is this incredible artist. He does everything from singing to directing videos. His name is Rudy. He directed and cut his own music video which was insane. I saw it and was like “This is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen.” I was like if you have any ideas to make a music video for me and he said he had an idea about aliens. It was actually his idea and he pitched it to me. I had full trust in him to make the video. We shot it in LA for 4 days and we shot one scene in Stockholm where I’m from. It’s definitely one of the best ones I’ve ever had [the music video].


How does it feel to have your music enjoyed and listened to by so many people?

The best feeling ever. You believe in something and I believe in ‘REMEDY.’ I believe it’s a very nice melodic song that I kind of feel like is missing at the moment. It’s like someone is patting your back and being like “hey, here’s your results.” I put a lot of hard work into this. You don’t just wing it, you know? I’m very picky about what song is gonna be for me and my brand and my music. The recognition is the best thing ever.

Do you think your music is starting to evolve with you as you grow as a person?

Definitely. I feel like the music is just coming to me more [rather] than me searching for what I want to do. Before I’ve always had a vision and then you kind of want another vision. I just feel like everything comes to me. The older I get, the clearer things are to me. I trust my instincts a little bit more than I used to.


‘Let Me Go’ was a song blasting through everyone’s radios this summer! How was it to have that track blow up and be enjoyed by so many people?

You work hard on a song and believe in it and then it gets the recognition you want it to. To be honest, people listening to me and having a career is more than I ever wish for. To have successful records, it’s a blessing. I feel really lucky to sit in my studio, tour and make these songs. I’m not in a studio chilling for months. I make these records on the road while I’m traveling. With music, it has a different side. Even if I’m sad or something happens in my life, the music is in its own lane. My music probably gets better when something is bothering me. To put up a song like that, it’s a risk. That’s a very pop format song more than any song I’ve ever put out.

In terms of making music, you can be anywhere and still come up with ideas?

I have a laptop and I have a lot of recordings and voice memos on my phone. It’s incredible that we live in that time. For example, ‘REMEDY.’ I finished it in Greece. I had two shows there this summer and I finished it while I was there. It’s also nice to not have to be in a studio all of the time. You get inspiration here and there.

You have performed at some major festivals like Coachella. What is your favorite part of entertaining and performing your songs in front of live crowds?

My favorite part is the entertaining when the music is loud and everyone is jumping. I get very happy when people sing my songs. When I play [a song] and I see the reaction, it’s like the endorphins kick in. What makes me more happy is when I make a song that no one knows I even made, and I play it and it works. That’s so much fun because it’s fresh to my ear as it is to them so I feel like I’m enjoying it on the same level as the crowd.  

‘REMEDY’ by Alesso is out now on all streaming platforms and available for purchase.

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Written by Alessandra

Alessandra is a music journalist from New York who loves to speak and write about music of all different genres. She has interviewed artists such as Alesso, Surf Mesa, and Neon Trees.