Anja Kotar

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Anja Kotar discusses her latest single “Brain”

Singer-songwriter Anja Kotar has returned with her latest single “Brain”.

Anja Kotar

The 80’s inspired uptempo affair is a female empowerment anthem that looks at the state of relationships amongst millennials in the digital age.

“As all of my new music, “Brain” explores the millennial generation and their behaviour in the technological age”, she said. 

“In this, it hones in on modern love and embraces loving someone for who they are, not how they look. It looks beyond one night stands and describes a more romanticized, intellectual love that is rooted in talk, and not touch.”

Here at CelebMix, we got to talk to Anja Kotar to find out more about the song:

What inspired you to write “Brain”?

Very randomly, I actually got the first idea for the song during the 2017 solar eclipse. I was in Salt Lake City with my family, we were in an underground garage looking for our car and out of nowhere the melody and lyrics of what are now the chorus of Brain popped into my head. I took out my phone, opened Voice Memos and recorded the snippet. I listened to this recording a few days ago and it sounds crazy, you can hear my parents in the background trying to figure out where we parked (haha). 

Have you had a similar experience that’s described in the song’s lyrics?

I think in a way it’s my “manifesto” of the kind of relationship I want. I’m longing to know the person, to talk about existential questions for hours, get lost in ideas and conversations and not realize that hours have gone by. I joke that whenever I get a new boyfriend, I’ll just play him this track so that we’re on the same page from the beginning.

Do you think social media outlets and dating apps have had an impact on relationships between people (particularly millennials)?

Definitely! I think it’s become much more appearance/visual – based. Just looking at something like Tinder, the focus of the app is on reaching out to someone based on how they look. Of course you have to be physically attracted to your partner, but my point is that with the rise of dating apps, the intellectual side of love has been somewhat discarded. People have become desensitized to having one night stands with more or less strangers that they never see again, and call me old-fashioned, but I genuinely don’t think that’s what love is supposed to be. 

Do you think it is still possible for two people to find a connection on social media and/or dating apps?

Of course! I just think it has to revolve around getting to know each other; what worldview the other person has, their quirks, favorite foods, pet-peeves, etc. And these conversations can take place online initially, at least at first when you’re trying to see if you’re compatible. But I also think that in order to truly take things to the next level with another person and start dating, you have to see each other in person, explore how you “vibe” and work together in real life situations. 

And is it still possible to look beyond someone’s looks when it comes to love?

I think looks and personality are very interconnected. Everyone has their subjective preferences when it comes to looks and their own ideal of beauty, and what someone is like as a person plays a huge part in that. I believe what makes someone attractive stems from who they are, their inner self and charisma. 

Do you wish to explore this theme (and similar themes) in your music further?

Definitely! I’m fascinated by my generation and how it’s being continually shaped (and reshaped) by technology, largely because I see it in my everyday life. In a way, it forces me to look at my behavior more objectively and analytically, and often when I’m writing these new songs, I realize that I, myself am doing the things I’m describing or criticizing. 

What inspired the song’s 80’s influenced composition?

I wanted the track to feel like pure joy, something you would blast on a hot summer day in your car with the windows rolled all the way down. I think 80s music really embodies this concept of excess, glitz, and exuberance, so I felt it was a perfect match. Of course, all props go to Noah Taylor for crafting an amazing production around the song. 

Will there be a music video for the song?

Yes!! It will be released along with the song and I’m super excited to share it because it’s my favorite video I’ve done so far – all thanks to my great friend and photographer / creative director Jani Ugrin!

Who are some of your musical influences?

I try to listen to as much different music as possible and source my inspiration from a wide array of places. I’m currently very into Scandinavian Pop (Sigrid, Astrid S, Robyn), as well as my recent discovery – Italian singer Mahmood. 


If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

I don’t have one specific artist in mind that I’d want to work with – I love collaborating with people in general! I’m humbled to be in the room with musicians who are creative, hard working, and better than me – that pushes me to learn more, work harder, and constantly improve. 

What are some of your favourite songs at the moment?

Whenever summer rolls around, I get into a nostalgic road trip mood so I play a lot of older music. Some of my favorites are Beach Boys’ “That’s Why God Made the Radio”, Bruce Springsteen’s “Thunder Road”, and Bob Marley’s “Buffalo Soldier”. I’m also currently in Europe and missing my California home, so I have Tony Bennett’s “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” on repeat (it brought me to tears the other day!). 

We cannot get enough of the song, do you have plans to release more music in the future?

YAY!!! That’s really the best thing you could’ve said about “Brain” – thank you so much, it means a lot! And YES, I have the best music and visuals I’ve done in my life yet to be released this year and I can’t wait for them to be released!

We would like to thank Anja Kotar for taking the time out to talk to us!

“Brain” is out now, and you can listen to it below:

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