EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: BoJesse Christopher Chats About Starring In The New Film REACH, His Acting Roles In Both Films Of Point Break, And His Career To Date

Gaining many fans at this very moment is the new film REACH, which was released in DVD format on November 20, 2018. The film was previously released on DigitalHD on October 20. It has touched many viewers, but no more than those of the cast who took part in the film. We have a series of interviews with stars from REACH, here’s the next one with BoJesse Christopher.

BoJesse Christopher plays the father of our main character, Steven. They have quite the difficult relationship, their grief for Steven’s mother is clear throughout their scenes, and it’s from that shared experience that has distanced themselves from each other. It’s great to watch how their relationship unfolds throughout the scenes, and how much of an impact it has on Steven’s life. BoJesse Christopher has starred in many films and TV series, and is probably best known for playing Grommet in the 1991 film Point Blank, he also appeared in the 2015 remake of the film playing an FBI Director. With his upcoming roles, including an appearance in two episodes of season three of True Detective and a pilot of a TV series named Strange Ones, he could well become a familiar face in the next couple of years. He nailed Steven’s father in REACH, and we are excited to see him play different characters in the future.

We previously interviewed Wren Barnes about this film, she played Steven’s mother. We also reviewed the filmREACH, about four months ago after viewing a private screener, and this is what we said: “REACH makes viewers think about everyone in general and how everyone has baggage, has troubles, has difficulties in life. We’re a true believer in positivity and how it can reshape someone’s world, even for a little bit, and that’s exactly what we see in this coming-of-age film. REACH has true potential to touch everyone’s hearts, whilst sending us through twists and turns, and complete shockers – try not to cry at the end.”

We were honoured to be able to interview some of the cast from this amazing film. BoJesse Christopher talked about REACH and what it was like to film, as well as talking about his career to date and filming Point Blank.

Hi BoJesse, we hope you are well today, what have you been up to lately?

Hi, thank you. I’m doing great today. Our film REACH opens this evening. Very excited. I’ve been working hard at life and art. Proud to be part of this meaningful piece of storytelling (REACH). I’m also in season three of HBO’s True Detective series as Detective Richard Kitting (Premiering Jan 13, 2019, @ 9pm on HBO).

How excited have you been for REACH to be released?

Extremely proud and excited for people to see and feel multi-layered emotionally meaningful storylines and themes of REACH.

Can you tell us more about the film?

The story is focused on my introverted but creatively and musically talented teenage son, Steven. He’s at the edge of life, seriously considering suicide. He’s being bullied by an ex child friend. He is befriended by a new teenager, Clarence, who moves into the neighborhood and uplifts Steven each day building his emotional confidence back up.

What’s the message behind the film?

Friendship, connection, compassion, caring, understanding, love. Reach out and connect to someone.

What does this film mean to you?

The ability to speak from feelings to thoughts to words to actions. To put a voice to the way I feel through the imaginary circumstance. Where art intertwines with life. My younger sister had just passed away from an apparent overdose right before I did this film. I found myself channelling her point of view, speaking her feelings to her teenage son she left behind, as well as expressing the way I feel about the loss of my sister, while also speaking to my real life son, who is now grown up in his 20s. This film was my creative therapy. Meant the world. I’m grateful.

Who is your character in the film, and what role does he play?

I am Steven Turano (Steven’s father). A widowed police detective with an emotional chip on his shoulder raising a teenage boy who he feels he has nothing in common with. That is until Steven speaks up on his birthday and opens me up to sit down with him and finally talk about the loss of his mother, my wife, and my part in all of that. This brings us closer and allows us to develop a newfound meaningful bond.

What character traits do you share with Steven’s father?

I can relate and identify with Steven Turano Sr. on many levels. As mentioned, this was immediately in my heart when I auditioned for this role. I just had to slow down, open up, and let it out, one moment at a time. No acting required.

What was it like filming REACH, were there any specific moments or memories that happened?

Wonderful! Everyone involved loved being there. We’re all one big family. I love that.

What was it like working with the director Leif Rokesh?

Friendship, respect, trust. I sincerely appreciated that.

The film stars some great and some up-and-coming actors and actresses from Garrett Clayton to Jordan Doww. What was it like working alongside them and did you strike up any friendships whilst on set?

Both Garrett and Jordan, as well as most every other young cast member, are a lifetime friend now as result of this film. My scenes with Garrett are deeply moving and meaningful to me. His commitment to craft and professionalism is inspiring. He will always have a special place in my heart. Jordan is no different. My few moments with Jordan on camera are suspenseful and real. I loved talking craft with both of them between takes. Both, as all were, very eager to find the deepest meaningful connection. I’m excited to watch them all grow.

How did filming REACH compare to the films and TV series’ you’ve been a part of in the past?

This one just really hit home with me. It was a creative experiment for me to really just get open and be this guy. As a 40 something human/actor/creative I loved being able to really melt into the backdrop this imaginary circumstance. I have tremendous respect for the filmmakers and cast and crew who all did such an amazing job with the very little budget we had to make this film. Very proud to be part of it.

Now, let’s touch upon your career to-date, you’re probably best known for playing Grommet in the 1991 film “Point Break”. How has that role impacted the rest of your career?

I appreciate that. Great film. Legendary. The audience and fan base for Point Break are the best! It has been the gift that keeps giving. I’m still very close to the cast and filmmakers. I meet new people, daily, who love the film and it’s an honor to be part of such a classic film. It’s helped my career immensely. 100%. I just saw an action figure of my character the other day online. That’s not so bad either. Pretty cool!

You were also a part of the 2016 remake of the film, this time playing the Director of the FBI. Why did you choose to be a part of the remake, and how did it feel to be in a different role?

I was making a return to acting and I petitioned to be part of the remake. It got the attention of the filmmakers and Warner Bros exec’s. They asked me to do a cameo as the FBI Director. As a 40 something actor I had never played a role like that to date, so it was a great opportunity to both do something different that shows who I am now, and be part of the legendary POINT BREAK franchise. The cast and crew were extremely welcoming and respectful. They honored the original the best they could and were appreciative of my options, suggestions, and my support of the remake. Also felt great to be in a 100 million dollar film produced by Warner Bros. I also got to go to Berlin, Germany to work. That was amazing!

What has been your career highlights over the years?

Learning craft from Stella Adler and Shelly Winters, numerous meaningful friendships and lessons over the years, Point Break, Beverly Hills 90210, Pickets Fences, REACH, and HBO’S True Detective season three.

Back to the film REACH. Why should our readers watch the film?

REACH is an important and universally relatable story with many relevant themes.

Do you have a particular favourite scene? Can you tell us which one it is?

I’m partial to the scene in Reach with Garrett where I open up to him about my feelings. It’s truly special. I’m very fond of the work we both did to connect in that scene. It means a lot.

And, finally, do you have a message to your fans?

LOVE. There’s only one you, you’re enough. Emotional confidence.

Thank you, BoJesse Christopher, for taking the time out to answer our questions. We’re very excited for your upcoming roles and can’t wait to see you in season three of True Detective.

REACH is out now on DVD, while it’s been available via DigitalHD since October 20. The film has touched a lot of people and we can’t recommend it enough.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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