Exclusive: Interview with Dance Moms’ Gianna Martello

Gianna Martello is the ultra talented choreographer that captured our hearts on “Dance Moms.” Her talent and personality were hard to miss so it came as a shock when she decided to leave the show. CelebMix had the pleasure to speak with the multi-talented choreographer to find out exactly what happened to make that decision.

1) What initially drew you to dancing?

I grew up in a dancing family. Everyone in my family danced. I wasn’t forced into it, but I never wanted to do anything else. Dance was my entire life growing up and still is today.

2) What was your experience like working on ‘Dance Moms’?

Everything was very fast paced. I like working in that type of environment. I loved being challenged and creating new routines with new themes every week on the show. As soon as we got comfortable with one set of routines, it was on to the next week and on to new routines. There obviously was drama and craziness all of the time — but it’s a TV show. Luckily, I tried to steer myself away from that aspect of the show and just focused on my work and the girls dancing.

3) What was your favorite thing about working on the show?

I loved going to work everyday because it didn’t seem like work. Choreographing was what I loved to do and then all of a sudden I was doing it on a TV show. The girls and I always had so much fun creating routines and I wish you got to see more of that on the show. Our early morning Friday rehearsals were the best!

4) What is something that people may not know about the show that you would like them to know?

We’re all working verrryyyyy hard. We’re not just “on a TV show”. It may seem like we’re dancing for 5 minutes, but any minute we get, we are rehearsing or reviewing choreography. Sometimes we will travel all day and then have to practice in hotel hallways the night before a competition. Girls go to school every morning, I teach dance every night after filming. We never stop!

5) Tell us why you made the decision to leave.

It was the right time for me to leave. Abby and I make a great team together on the show. We each put in our parts and then add the girls and it’s magic. We brought the show to where it is now together. I’m not going to do that without her. The show was also going in too many directions that weren’t for me.

6) What do you have planned for the future?

I am currently directing the ALDC competition team in Los Angeles but I also want to travel and team all over the world. I got a little taste of that during the show and now I think it’s time for more!


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Written by Lauren Ann Butler

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