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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: EDX Talks About New Single “Off The Grid”, Working With Amba Shepherd, And Plans For 2019

Last Friday, EDX dropped his amazing new single “Off The Grid” in collaboration with Amba Shepherd. It has quickly been gaining streams and is set to become a summer anthem amongst many listeners. We were honoured to chat to him about this single release in an exclusive interview.

For those of you who don’t know, EDX is apparently the most-streamed Swiss artist on Spotify and he has been growing his music and fanbase for over two decades. His real name is Maurizio Colella and is best known for his remix of Sam Feldt’s “Show Me Love” which features Kimberly Anne, which has over 116 Spotify streams alone. Recently, he has released official remixes for “Beautiful” by Bazzi featuring Camila Cabello, as well as David Guetta and Anne-Marie’s “Don’t Leave Me Alone”. He recently gained a “Best Remix Recording” Grammy-nomination for his remix of Charlie Puth’s “How Long”. He’s the most-streamed Swiss artist on Spotify and has expanded his fanbase year-on-year. We are looking forward to seeing where his career takes him.

It was such a pleasure to interview him again, we last spoke to him in September 2018, about his release of the track “Sillage”. This time around, he chats about the new single “Off The Grid”, working with Amba Shepherd, what he’s been up to since we last spoke to him, as well as what we can expect from him this year.

Hi EDX, it’s great to chat with you again, how are you today?

I’m great! Thanks very much for having me again, it’s great to be back!

We last spoke to you in September 2018 about your track “Sillage”, what have you been up to between then and now?

Wow, so much has happened since then, now I come to think of it! In terms of music, I released my original single “Who Cares” in January 2019, following a couple of remixes for David Guetta and Chromeo, all of which have been getting incredible feedback from all over the world. The biggest news, though, is probably my Grammy nomination for my remix of Charlie Puth’s “How Long”. It was a dream come true when I found out in December and it was without a doubt one of the highlights of my career. Going to the award ceremony in LA with my team and walking down the red carpet is something I’ll never forget!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: EDX Chats About His Brand New Single “Sillage”

Photo Credit: Amanda Nikolic

Your new single is titled “Off The Grid”, can you tell us more about the track?

Yes! It’s my brand new track which I wrote together with the lovely Amba Shepherd. She’s an amazing singer-songwriter from Australia and I’m super excited to share it with the world. It’s all about stepping outside of the box and doing something different to the norm and I’m so happy with how it turned out.

What was Amba Shepherd like to work with?

It was a really cool process! I actually met Amba a couple of years ago when I was touring Australia – we got along really well and always talked about collaborating together at some point down the line. Since then, we kept in touch and sent each other some ideas back and forth and eventually “Off The Grid” was born. Amba is incredibly talented and I think her vocals work perfectly with the EDX vibe and signature sound. She really killed it!

You’ve been “road-testing” the track in your DJ sets around the world, what has the reaction been like?

Yeah, I’ve been playing the record out since December and the reactions have been amazing. I’ve been playing it more and more over the last couple of months and I think this is the perfect time to release it. It’s a really feel-good track and I think it’s going to do really well this summer. I have a great feeling about it.

Is there a music video planned for the track? If so, what can we expect from it?

Yes! We were actually doing some filming a few days ago in Berlin with an amazing team. It’s a really cool video and I can’t wait for you guys to see it. Stay tuned to my socials to be the first to see it.

This song follows up your previous track “Who Cares”, can you tell us more about this song?

Both of my original tracks so far this year – “Who Cares” and “Off The Grid” – are vocal tracks. As you guys probably know, last year I produced a lot of club tracks so I wanted to mix it up in 2019. That’s why I’ve been going down that route recently. Don’t worry though, there will be lots more club tracks coming as we approach Ibiza season!

It’s already gained over 2 million streams on Spotify, what’s it like knowing your music is being played that often?

It’s crazy! I’m so happy with all the feedback I’ve been getting from both fans and DJ’s from all over the world. There’s still work to be done, but I think the new track with Amba will help with that too.

You’ve also done a fair few remixes recently, which has been your favourite to remix and why?

It’s impossible to pick just one because I’ve really enjoyed all the remixes I’ve done over the past year – from David Guetta and Bazzi to Janelle Monae and Chromeo. It’s one of my favourite parts of being a producer and I get such a huge amount of inspiration from all of these artists. My remixes have been featured in the Gas Jeans advert and now the Chanel advert so, yeah, I’m really happy.

You also have the “Off The Grid North America Tour”, what can people expect from your sets on these dates?

The new tour will be all about EDX music. A little bit more progressive and a little bit more vibey. I’m playing some amazing venues all across the USA, Canada, and Mexico, and there will also be some more dates added into the summer. North America has always been really good to me and I just look forward to seeing as many of you guys there as possible!

You’re named as the number one Swiss artist on Spotify as your music has been streamed the world over, what’s it like holding such a title?

It’s so cool to have so many listeners from all over the world. To think that my music touches people from all cultures and religions from all over the world is very special to me and is one of the best parts of the job. It’s actually quite magical when you think about it.

You were born in Zurich, Switzerland to Italian parents. What was your childhood like? And how has it influenced your music?

Growing up in Switzerland and being raised by Italian parents, I was so lucky because I got to be influenced by the best of both cultures. My parents were always very music-driven and inspired me a lot when it came to my musical career. I’m really proud of my heritage and I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

Looking over your career to date, what do you consider as your biggest achievements and highlights?

Besides being nominated for a Grammy, which was obviously a huge career milestone for me, I would say my biggest achievement has been remaining consistent over such a long period of time. I’ve been in this industry for over two decades now and trust me, you have to work hard to stay relevant for such a long period!

What do you hope the future brings, for your career and music in general?

I just want to continue what I’m doing and for people around the world to enjoy my music and have a great time listening to it.

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2019?

More club singles, vocal singles, remixes and always touring like crazy! A lot of festivals, club shows and perhaps the return of my XIRCUIT show.

Back to your new single “Off The Grid”, what five words would you use to describe the track?

Sexy. Catchy. Make People Smile.

It is released on Spinnin’ Records, what’s it like releasing your music under their label?

Spinnin’ is such a great label. We’re all really good friends and I’ve been working with them for as long as I can remember, about twenty years I think! They really believe in great music and they invest in music that makes people feel good. That’s what I try to do with my own music which is why, I think, we have such a good relationship.

And, finally, last time we chatted, you thanked your fans for their support. How much does their support mean to you?

The support I get from my fans means the world to me and I can’t thank you guys enough. I’m blessed to receive the feedback I do from fans all over the world and I love spending as much time as I can with them when I’m on tour. Thank you so much!

Thank you to you too, EDX, for taking the time out to answer our questions. We are loving your new single “Off The Grid” with Amba Shepherd and we hope you two collaborate again in the future. We are looking forward to hearing what you release next.

“Off The Grid” is available to download and stream right now via Spinnin Records. While you’re at it, check out EDX’s other releases on Spotify, below:

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