Exclusive Interview: Erin Kirby talks about her new song “Steal Your Heart”

Rising pop-star Erin Kirby recently released the music video for her single “Steal Your Heart”.  The song is Kirby’s second track but the singer is planning to release her EP in fall 2019. With an aim to show different shades of love and all the forms it comes in, the new EP does not just highlight Kirby’s evolution as an artist but also the way she deals with the subject matter.

With listeners navigating through a blend of different backing instruments, Kirby’s beautiful humming, and a series of musical transitions as the singer attempts to vocalize her inner conflict, Erin offers “Steal Your Heart” as a perfect pop treat. The audio for the song has already garnered solid 60K streams on Spotify, a positive indicator for artist’s growth on the platform.

Music, for Erin, has been a source of healing and she hopes to achieve the same with her own art: “I want to be relatable with my music. I want people to find a song that resonates with what they are going through and not feels alone”. But her zeal for goodwill does not merely end at her art. Instead, it extends to activity beyond music. Erin is an activist and philanthropist who supports various charities including Relay For Life, Youth Empowerment, Children’’ Miracle Network, Jamaica Project, Girl Talk and is also an ambassador for Red Beret Society.


We got a chance to talk to the talented artist as he told us about her musical journey, her new song, and her plans for the future. Check out our interview with Erin Kirby below:

Can you please tell our readers about yourself and your musical journey?

I started music around six years ago. I actually started in pageantry and competed in talent. I fell in love with performing and decided to begin taking my music more serious. I began vocal and guitar lessons. I play a little piano, but I seem to just fit better with the guitar. I recently began writing my own music. I am still learning and growing in my journey.

You have been releasing original singles as well as covers and have performed at several major events. How do you see your evolution as a singer and performer?

I have been performing for years, but you learn something each time you step on stage. I feel like I am evolving into being the artist I want to be. I have become more comfortable performing, no matter if it is five people or seventy thousand.

As a singer and a songwriter, how do you perceive your art and how would you like your listeners to perceive it?  

I perceive my music as a bit of old school meets new music.

 What part of the creative process do you enjoy the most? 

I love to make music people can feel and relate to. I hope my listeners feel some emotion from my music.

Do you have any artist or personality who you look up to?  

I have quite a few I admire. I love Jessie J of course, she is so talented but humble. I love Ed Sheeran he is such an incredible writer and has such a big heart. I think Lewis Capaldi is extremely gifted and so funny. I love that he is always himself.

We read that you consider music as a healing process. Do you think that in today’s world when there are so much competition and restlessness, music serves a bigger purpose than entertainment? 

I do think music has a huge purpose. I think both are important but there are times when you really need to just be still and listen to music. It really can touch your heart and soul. I know so many people that find healing from lyrics of songs.

Congratulations on the release of “Steal Your Heart”. We loved the track. It’s been a few days since the video dropped. How has been the response? 

Thank you! The response has been really great! I think most people relate to the video.

The song talks about uncertainty in the relationship. What inspired you to create the track?

I was inspired by a few things to write this song. Some friends were having some relationship issues and I related to their situation so I began writing about it.

Would you like to share the creative process that went creating the single and the video?

Both were really fun. I have been blessed to really work with great people and we actually had a lot of fun when recording the song. Jared Scharff is one of the most amazing musicians but extremely funny. Major Seven and I have a great vibe so it was very stress-free. The video I wanted to tell the story of the song and Dwayne Walker helped my vision come to life.

We read about your philanthropic initiatives and your role as an activist. Please tell us a bit about the causes you support. 

I love supporting community events. I have participated in a school tour for anti-bullying. I have supported animal shelters. I am a big supporter of cancer fundraisers and/or events. I also support various events for children.

What motivated you to support the social causes you work for? Also, what has been the biggest lessons during your journey as an activist?

I have been blessed to be surrounded by people like my parents and pageantry that taught me early on the importance of giving back. My mom, grandmother, and aunt are all cancer survivors. I love being able to support those causes. I had a fundraiser for my birthday to raise money for the victims in Puerto Rico after the hurricane. I really see how small things can make a big difference. It may be me singing to a child in the hospital who for a moment can enjoy music. It really is what we are here to do. I gain happiness from doing good works.

Would you like to share with us your future projects or endeavors?

I am releasing my next single very soon! I am so excited about the songs I have coming up! I am working on some upcoming projects to further expand on my love for philanthropy. I hope to be on tour soon as well!

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