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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: George Pelham Chats About Debut Single ‘What A Time To Be Alive’

Yesterday we told you about George Pelham who released his debut single What A Time To Be Alive on Friday. With his summery, feel-good sound clearly highlighted we love the positivity running through the track which we found ourselves singing along to after the very first listen.

Despite this being his debut single George is no stranger to the music world having played shows across the country at venues ranging from Thorpe Park to Ronnie Scott’s. With a headline show coming up at Finborough Arms in London next month on 6th September, now is the perfect time to get hooked on his catchy sound. We have a feeling this show will be one with plenty of crowd participation if this track is anything to go by!

To find out more about George and his 60s inspired sound, we had a chat with him about What A Time To Be Alive and in his musical experience in general.

Hi George, can you sum yourself/your sound up in five words?

Uplifting, energetic, emotional, vintage-inspired.

You’ve just released your debut single What A Time To Be Alive, can you tell us more about the track?

It’s all about falling in love and the euphoria that comes with it. Musically it was inspired by a lot of 60s music, especially Motown – those big brass arrangements and swung drumbeats just really hit the spot for me!

What’s it like to be in the studio with George Pelham?

It can probably get a bit exhausting – I like to get in early and leave when they kick me out…but hopefully quite entertaining – I’ll be bouncing off the walls if the session’s going well.

Next month you’re headlining the Finborough Arms in London; you’re no stranger to live shows as over the last couple of years you’ve played a four-month residency at Ronnie Scott’s whilst also supporting the likes of Rizzle Kicks. What’s been your most memorable live experience so far?

Yeah, there have been a fair few shows! The Rizzle Kicks gig was pretty great – it was at Thorpe Park so we got to go on rides all day before going onstage, which was brilliant…on the other hand, I remember this gig I played in Camden a few years ago where this guy (who may have had one too many) got up on stage with me, took the microphone off the stand and starting walking outside with it…that was definitely memorable too.

Which artists did you listen to when you were growing up? Do you feel they’ve influenced your sound?

Definitely, the artists that my parents used to play. My dad would play Elvis non-stop, especially the more kind of romantic and dramatic records that he made (rather than the rock and roll ones). My mum played pretty upbeat music like The Beach Boys – she’s from LA so I listened to a lot of American music growing up. So yeah I think a combination of both of their tastes!

Do you have a musical bucket list? If so what’s on it?

To play Glastonbury – there’s just something magical about it… there are so many things I want to do though – release an album, record in Abbey Road, tour around the world…Jools Holland wouldn’t be too shabby either!

What’s on the cards for the rest of the year?

There’s a lot to do – I’m just finishing up the next single, which comes out in October, plus the music video, acoustic video, all that jazz. Then single 3 which should come out late this year. I’m playing a headline show at The Finborough Arms on September 6th, and there’ll be more shows coming after that. On another note, I need to start eating more Thai food as that’s definitely a hole in my life that needs filling…

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Written by Nicola Craig

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