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Exclusive: Interview with Inas X

Inas X is a force to be reckoned with. Inspirational, independent, and creative, she’s taking on the music industry one song at a time. She’s no stranger to climbing the charts after claiming a spot on the Billboard Top 20 Dance charts in 2016, and she’s also finished up a tour across the United States.

We were lucky enough to chat about her musical beginnings, inspiration, and what the future may hold!

What made you fall in love with music?

I’ve always been in love with music. It sets my soul free, it always has. But I really fell in love with the craft of making music within these last few years. After I went on some serious soul searching, I was young and blessed enough to find my vocation and purpose, to spread love and light across the globe. Music is the vehicle I chose to start with to fulfil that “purpose” you can call it. It has become so much more for me. I’ve fallen in love with the craft completely. I now eat breathe sleep this! Creating music sets me free and I hope my music does that for others.

How did you come up with your stage name?

I am heavily inspired by Malcolm X and other revolutionary people like him. “Stand for something or fall for anything.” He inspired the name but it was his reasoning behind why he called himself Malcolm X. He didn’t want to let what he believed was a name given to him by his slave masters be what defined him, so he defined himself. I, on the other hand, had a last name change that was out of my control when I was a teenager and it made me feel like my identity was changed. That, in addition to, being called really mean names growing up by mean peers and others, contributed to the choosing of the name. I use the X for the same purpose Malcolm did. I refuse to be defined by a name someone else or society gives me. I define myself and I am undefinable. I am Inas X. If you follow me, or are a fan of mine, you are also undefined. You are apart of the movement and the team. Team X: Be Undefined, limitless & GREAT!

Last year, your music reached the top 20 Billboard Dance Charts! How did you feel when you found out?

It was a surreal feeling. One of my dreams came true! It happened while I was on my first national tour which made it even more special. But it also made me want to go harder so that I can reach the top spot on the Billboard top 100!!!

What is a musical milestone you hope to reach in your career?

I definitely want to break records. Nowadays, with the digital world, everything is different. You can be the first to set a lot of records. I’ve been seeing it with my colleagues. I’m ready to take over the industry, headed for that top spot! And then I want to push the limit & create a whole new definition of what the “Top Spot” is.

Who are some groups or artists who have influenced your musical sound the most?

Michael Jackson is my top influence. One of my favorite groups is The Fugees, I love Lauryn Hill so much. Believe it or not, I also LOVE Evanescence, the rock group. I’m inspired by ALL genres of music and I mean that. I also am heavily inspired by Aaliyah, Amy Winehouse, the Original Selena, Jay-Z, BIG, Tupac, Janet, Alicia Keys, Eminem, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj…the list can literally go on forever. Artists build each other. Those artists are a few who have built me.

Who is an artist you’d love to collaborate with? 

Female: Kehlani. I love her and what she stands for, and we’re pretty much the same age, both killin’ it. She is Bae. Male: Drake. We’ll be creating a few hits together soon, wait on it.

You’re an East coast native – is there a city on the east coast that you haven’t yet been to that you’d love to visit?

Nope. I’ve been everywhere on the east coast. I love traveling so I’ve taken many road trips up and down the east coast. I love it all. My favorite city is obviously New York, especially Brooklyn where I’m from. Manhattan is where I currently reside, love it as well. Can’t wait to go back on tour and be all over the east coast, west coast and everything in between.

What was the most challenging element of putting your single, “Stupid” together? 

Honestly, we manifested the song in one day. Shot the video in one day, got into a fender bender the day of the shoot. That was a challenge. But the most challenging part was definitely the fact that I had the video ready to go for like 3/4 months before I was able to release it. Went through a few career changes and needed to hold it off  —  I had to have endless patience, which is something I work on every day!

What was your favourite part of shooting the music video for “Stupid”? 

The whole thing was an amazing experience. But Definitely working with Walu, the director and the whole team that was a part of the video. My choreographer, Yvonne, is one of my best friends. I love every dancer in the video, they’ve been riding with me for a while, a few were on tour with me. My glam team was perfect, made amazing new relationships. Just everything. One of my favorite video shoots yet.

If you could go back to any moment in time and give yourself a piece of advice, when and what would it be? 

Value yourself, don’t doubt yourself, trust yourself, don’t lose yourself. I tell myself that still, every day but I believe it now 100000%. A year ago, I would say it but not believe it. Now I do.

Is there a message you want to convey through your music to listeners? 

Absolutely. The same things I tell myself: value yourself, don’t doubt yourself, trust yourself, don’t lose yourself… most importantly BELIEVE in yourself and always stay true to you! In order to make the world a better place, we need to start working on each individual person. If each person would just look in the mirror, find themselves, love themselves, and appreciate themselves, there wouldn’t be so much hate and the world would automatically be a better place. What I’m here to do is show you how you can do that, inspire you to want to do so, and hopefully save and help some people from themselves and society’s ways along the way. Even if it’s one person, I’m happy.

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