Exclusive: Interview with Lewis Watson

Lewis Watson is more than just a singer/songwriter, he’s a storyteller. He weaves his music to a soundtrack that reflects so much of our own lives which makes him one of our ultimate favorites. Starting as a YouTube sensation to becoming a worldwide artist, CelebMix was lucky enough to speak Lewis about his career, his fans, and everything in between.

You started your career on YouTube, did you ever expect to gain a record deal and a career out of it?
Not at all. I never even thought that one other person would want to listen to my songs. I started to write because it was (and still is) therapy to me. I suck at talking to people about my feelings and I bottle a lot of stuff up. I found that writing down those feelings in a slightly cryptic way helped me deal with things. I didn’t think anybody would want to hear them, but I’m so, so glad that they do!

What has been your favorite part of being a musician?
I’m one of the very few people on earth that are doing what they love as their career – that’s incredible to me. I’m so lucky and grateful that I’m able to sing for a living. It’s a lot tougher than people think, but it’s still such a dream.

What is your biggest inspiration when it comes to writing songs?
As I mentioned, I only ever write songs for me, it’s a therapy. That means that almost every song is written about stuff I’ve gone through or things that I’ve watched family or a close friend go through. It can be happy or sad stuff, but I need to feel whatever I’m writing because (hopefully!!) I’ll be singing these songs for the rest of my life!

You have such a strong fanbase with many fans across the world connecting, becoming friends and creating a strong community. Did you ever think that would happen due to your music?
No way. It’s amazing that anybody other than myself is listening to my music full stop, so to hear that people have connected because of my music and created strong friendships, and even intimate relationships is incredible. It’s such a great feeling.

Did you expect to make friends with any of these fans also?
I’m not sure to be honest. I see a lot of artists disconnect themselves from a personal relationship with the people who listen to their music (which is fine) but I struggle to stay away from that. My music seems to have attracted a lot of like-minded people together, so I find myself wanting to engage in conversations with everybody. I used to stick around after every show and meet and thank every single person which meant that I saw a few people more than once, and I’d consider us friends, definitely. Unfortunately, as the shows have grown in size and the tours are longer, I can’t stick around because I need to take care of my voice, so that’s happening less and less, which is a real shame.

Why, for you, is fan engagement so important?
Before I make any decision with my music, I ask myself ‘if I was a fan of a band/artist and they did this, would it excite me?’ because I’m a music fan too and I’ve seen so many campaigns fall short because they don’t nurture the people that helped put them there. It’s important that the people who have invested in me and my music feel appreciated because they certainly are. So, yes, I engage with as many people as possible, as often as possible. I love it.

You’re close with bands like Amber Run and Hudson Taylor, have they ever influenced your work?
Definitely – I’m a bit of a sponge when it comes to influences. I’m constantly absorbing ideas from everywhere. Those chords in that hip-hop song, the colours in that poster on the tube, etc. I’m always listening to/supporting the music my mates create and I’m always taking influence from them. It also helps that they’re all more talented than I am!

What is the story behind your latest album, Midnight?
It’s a look into the relationship of two people. The good parts, the bad parts, the beginning, the end, the before and the after. I wanted it to be a step up from my first record, and I think that I’ve achieved that. It’s bigger and more mature in its music and song-writing. I’m very, very proud of it!

Since you’ve toured America to England to Australia, what has been your favorite country to perform in?
That’s a tough one. I love the UK and the crowds here, but the American audiences have a very enthusiastic side to them. They cheer mid-song if you hit a certain note or take the guitar for a walk, etc (which is nice !) and Aussies are nuts in the best way possible! I think the main point to get across here is that every region brings a different kind of person to my gigs, and I bloody love that!

What can fans expect from your live shows?
Me and the band getting way too into the songs and a nervous British guy telling some awful jokes. What more could you want?!

Is there anything that fans and future fans should know about you?
If you see me around, please say hello! So many people have said ‘I saw you at the driving range but didn’t want to disturb you’ or ‘definitely just walked past you on the tube but didn’t want to say hey because you looked in a rush’. I love having a chat with the people that allow me to live my dream. If I am in a rush, I’ll stay as long as I can and then politely slip away. I owe you guys a lot more than two minutes of chat and a picture, but it’s a good place to start! Also….I love golf!

What can we expect next from Lewis Watson?
I’m touring for a large portion of this year, a few festivals and then I’ll be working on album three. Hoping to step things up again!

Lewis Watson’s new album Midnight is now available to purchase and stream.

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Written by Lauren Ann Butler

Traveler, Music Junkie, Writer, and Dreamer.