EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Lulu Simon on debut single, upcoming music and musical legacy

Lulu Simon isn’t only the daughter of music legend Paul Simon, she’s also an upcoming pop musician with her debut single, ‘Wasted’ being just the start of her musical catalogue.

Here at CelebMix, we got to sit down with Lulu Simon and discuss everything from her debut single, ‘Wasted’ to musical influences, dream collaborations and more upcoming music.

Lulu Simon, daughter of musical legend Paul Simon, is taking a leaf out of her father’s book and slowly becoming a pop star in her own right. Lulu has always enjoyed music, learning to play the piano from a very young age. This intertwined Lulu into learning to play the acoustic guitar, where she found her calling. She immediately fell in love with song-writing once getting her hands on an acoustic guitar, this was only encouraged even more upon hearing Carly Rae Jepsen’s 2015 album, ‘Emotion’ for the first time.

Lulu recalled the moment saying,

“I was like oh my gosh this music makes me feel better than any music has ever made me feel. This exact moment was when my focus shifted and I wanted to start making music that made me feel like dancing and being in a convertible, while also still maintaining the intimacy as an original songwriter.”

Lulu Simon’s debut single, ‘Wasted’ is only the beginning of her musical journey as her highly anticipated debut EP is to follow in early 2019. 

The good news doesn’t end there as we sat down with Lulu Simon and discussed everything from her debut single, ‘Wasted’ to musical influences, dream collaborations and more upcoming music.

How would you describe your music and yourself as an artist for people who are yet to hear ‘Wasted’?

Lulu: I think my music is fun but also intimate and emotional. It’s like, music that you can dance to whilst also crying. I like to make music that you could listen to in a convertible but I think that realistically my lyrics aren’t super compatible with that, so I make sure the track is fun whilst the lyrics are true to whatever emotional mess I’m partaking in that week.

Why have you picked ‘Wasted’ to be your big debut single?

Lulu: I picked Wasted as my debut song because it’s the very first intentional pop song, and to be honest, I wrote it about someone who really hurt my feelings and I wanted him to know it. And also it’s fun and I love it.

You’ve also released the ‘Wasted’ music video, what was it like making the music video to your debut single?

Lulu: Making the music video for Wasted was like, the single most stressful thing I have ever done. At the time, I didn’t have management, so I had to organize the entire shoot myself, which I truly had no business doing, so I was definitely overwhelmed and confused and afraid it wasn’t going to turn out the way I’d envisioned. Luckily for me, everyone pulled together and helped to make something.

Describe the ‘Wasted’ music video in two words for people who are yet to see it?

Lulu: Cheeky & fun.

You’ve been working on your debut EP due for a release next year, how’s that been going?

Lulu: It’s been going really well! It’s exciting to bring all of these acoustic songs to life in the studio and to exercise my writing muscles in ways I hadn’t previously done. I’ve really only ever written songs on the guitar, and was worried that my style of writing wouldn’t translate into something that made sense in the pop world, but I’ve been so lucky to work with people who understand my vision and are able to create these amazing pop tracks while still maintaining that singer-songwriter intimacy.

Who are your musical inspirations?

Lulu: I’ve got so many musical inspirations, it’s literally impossible to track them all, but growing up I was so inspired by Britney Spears and Queen, and then I went through my pop-punk phase and was obsessed with Paramore. Now I love Carly Rae Jepsen, Kim Petras, The 1975, Charli XCX, etc. I’m honestly just inspired by any music that makes me feel something.

Following on from your last question, who would be your dream collaboration?

Lulu: My dream collaboration would absolutely be Carly Rae Jepsen, she is my queen.

What do you hope for in the future in terms of your music and being an artist?

Lulu: I just hope that I’m always able to make the kind of music that I want to hear and that my music can bring joy and emotion to the people who are kind enough to listen.

As Lulu Simon embarks on her musical career beginnings, we’re pretty certain this won’t be the last time we hear from the ‘Wasted’ songstress. With her debut EP except early 2019, this is only the beginning of what will be a successful career for the next big pop star.

Lulu Simon’s debut single, ‘Wasted’ is out now.

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You can watch the official music video to ‘Wasted’ below:

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