EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Peyton

Peyton is an exciting rising talent from the US who has recently released his brand new single ‘Carry You’ which is taken from his upcoming album ‘Sinners Got Soul Too‘ which will be released on Friday, February 9th.

Here we speak exclusively to Peyton about his new music, dream collaborations, 2018 career goals and much, much more;

Growing up who inspired your love of music?
My love for music came mostly from the church.  My dad is a southern Pentecostal preacher, so music always played a huge part in my life because it was an integral part of our church life..   This is why so much of my music still borrows from the gospel tradition.  

What would be your dream collaboration?
I used to always say George Michael, but now that he’s gone there’s nobody that quite measures up in my opinion.  But since we’re talking in dreams anyway, then I suppose I can still use him as my ultimate dream collaborator.  As both a writer and a vocalist, he was an artist that inspired me on a level like no other.   

Who are your musical icons?
Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, George Michael, Grace Jones, Cesaria Evora, Buika, Caetano Velosa, Gil Gilberto, Celia Cruz  . . .   to name a very few 

What do you hope fans take from your music?
Hope.  Inspiration.  The desire to dance.  The will to rise up and keep on rising.  Even though I am not religious, I consider music to be ministry.  It’s one of our most powerful tools for effecting change and restoring our faith in life, in love, and in each other.   

What inspired your new single ‘Carry You’?
I wrote Carry You for a friend who was not very well, and was going through a particularly hard time.  I know most people will interpret it as a romantic love song and that’s OK, but the inspiration behind it came from me wishing I could make my friend know that I would always be there and that we would get through that valley she was in together.   

What advice can you offer to anyone looking to make it in the music industry? 
First of all, I’d say ask yourself why.   If your answer has anything to do with fame or making lots of money, I’d say go get a job.  However hard you think it is, multiply that by a 100 and you’re still not close.  It’s the road less traveled by for a reason.   But if you really really want to make your living at music because something burns so deeply in your soul that you know nothing else is ever going to make you happy, then be prepared to get knocked back and keep on going, keep your ego in check and focus on your craft so that you are constantly learning and growing as an artist and as a person.  Kids today have this distorted notion that the only way to become a success in this business is to win Simon Cowell’s golden ticket to fame and fortune overnight.  It doesn’t really work like that for 99.99% of artists so be prepared to get where you’re going all by yourself, as nobody owes you anything in this business.    

Will you be touring this year?
I’ve been touring for the past 16 years I suppose, ever since my first hit on Hed Kandi Records.  One thing this job has given me is a chance to really explore the world.  This year however I want to be touring the album, rather than performing in clubs and parties.  I have one more album showcase in London on Feb 16 at Crazy Coqs, and then I’m heading to Australia where I’ll perform a very special album showcase just a few days before Mardi Gras in Sydney!   

How would you describe your new albums sound in three words?
Uplifting, Soul, Pop

What are your 2018 career goals? 
I want to spend this year breaking the album across many territories, and building up the kind of following that eventually allows me to put together an epic world tour show that brings together all the elements of what I do and really takes people on the kind of journey that leaves them feeling changed for the better.  I want to use my voice every chance I get to continue spreading the message that love, and only love is the answer.   

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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