Exclusive: Interview with Sam Handy

Sam Handy might have just stolen our hearts. Handy, with his soothing voice, articulate lyrics, and a unique sound, is a breath of fresh air. His latest single “Behave” is a must listen. We spoke to Handy about his single, his secret ambitions, and everything in between.

1. How would you describe your music?
Since I started as a songwriter, I’ve always wanted to write music that is clever and relatable. I’ve always thought of my style as Pop music which is rough around the edges. I’ve always wanted to write popular songs that have their roots in soul, funk & blues music. This is the music I grew up with, and it is embedded in the music I write, which I would describe as thinking outside the box, whilst trying not to destroy the box in the process.

2.Who or what are the inspirations behind your music?
Artist such as Prince and Michael Jackson have played major roles in the way I write my music. Both artists were Pop Superstars, but their music came from so many different backgrounds. They both liked to experiment with sounds and styles, and they were fantastic musicians who weren’t afraid to show off like rockstars.

3. Tell us about your song “Maple Syrup”
‘Maple Syrup’ was originally meant to be a breakup song, but I didn’t want to write about a breakup, so I called it ‘Maple Syrup’ in order to sugar-coat it so that I would think of something happier to write about. The song starts with a poetic verse about a woman, but then it quickly becomes a song about me talking to myself. ‘Maple Syrup’ is about overcoming my faults and failures, and that they are only the beginning to better and brighter things, so long as I learn from them. ‘Maple Syrup’ is a song about being human.

4.What is your songwriting process like?
I always start with a melody or chord progression. Sometimes they happen on their own, but sometimes I have to do a lot of searching for them. A lot of the time, I pick up the instrument I am most familiar with, which is the guitar. I try to figure out how this song wants to sound, and feel. Once I have an idea, it eventually starts to fall into place. Ideas start to bounce off one another and one thing leads to another and you just follow the flow of it, finding inspiration here and there. Sometimes it takes hardly any time at all, and you can write a song in a day, but most times a lot of the inspiration & the ideas are hard-won.

5.What is your favorite song that you’ve ever written?
Gosh, I wouldn’t know! I think my favorite song is the one I’m always working on. The song that I dedicate every day too because I’ve never heard it before, and I have no idea how it will end. Once I am finished with it, then the next song I choose to work on is then my favorite, because I always start out better than I was before, and ready to do it again equipped with what I’ve learned from last time!


6. Tell us something that we wouldn’t know about you.
I love to write stories and would love to be an Author someday. I’ve had a bit of a break since my last, but whenever I had the chance, I would write short stories as a form of escape, and they were about the travels of a musician in a world that is different, but similar to our own. I’ve not finished any of them yet, but I hope to one day – once I have thought up a good enough plot!

7.What can we expect from seeing you perform?
I am lucky to have a very talented band to back me up. The guys I perform with are phenomenal musicians, and because of that, we’re able give so much more on stage. Every show is different because we will play the song just how you like it, but we take a cue from artists such as Tom Misch, John Mayer and even Prince when it comes to entertaining, we love to play. We’re all about the energy, and with every show we push ourselves further. So, expect that belter, and expect that 4 minute guitar solo that leaves you with goosebumps. Our shows are all about feeling good and you’ll find that there are songs to dance to, sing to and even laugh and cry too. Or you can catch me doing something a lot calmer, such as a solo acoustic set, where I perform stripped back versions of my songs.

8.What do you have planned for the future that you can share with us?
There is definitely more music to come, probably at the end of this year – if not, then the very beginning of 2018! I hope to get more involved in the visual media side of things, so expect a few more live sessions and music videos, as well as plenty more gigs!


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Written by Lauren Ann Butler

Traveler, Music Junkie, Writer, and Dreamer.