Exclusive Interview: Sam Lavery talks touring and new single 'For The Night' 2

Exclusive Interview: Sam Lavery talks touring and new single ‘For The Night’

Since appearing on The X Factor in 2016, Sam Lavery has proven herself as an artist time and time again. The talented 18-year-old now has three incredible singles to her name!

As well as recording and releasing original music, Sam has been busy performing live. She hit the road for her very first headline tour earlier this year and she’s currently impressing crowds across the UK as the official support act for Heather Small.

We caught up with Sam backstage in Manchester last weekend. In our exclusive interview, she spoke about: her new single ‘For The Night’, the song she’s most excited for people to hear from her forthcoming EP, her international success and much more.

You can read highlights and hear our full interview with Sam Lavery below!

You’ve just released your third single ‘For The Night’ – how’ve you found the response so far?
It’s been amazing. I was so excited to release this song because it’s quite different to my first two singles. It’s quite cheeky and a lot of people have been like ‘woah, where has that come from?’ so the reaction has been so good.

We love the surprise guitar solo at the end – what made you add that to the track?
I think it really adds something. For me, live music has always been like my favourite thing and I always want my tracks to sound as live as possible. Especially when I do it live, it just has like such a nice feel and gives me a chance to get the crowd involved. That’s my favourite part in the song to be honest because it’s such a feel good guitar and everything.

You’re currently touring the UK with Heather Small – how are you finding it?
It’s been amazing. To watch Heather as well, I’m learning so much from her. She’s 53 years old and she is absolutely insane for any age. I’m going to venues I’ve never been before, the crowds are amazing, everyone is singing along to my songs so it’s just been like an unbelievable experience.

Have you had much chance to chat to Heather at all? As someone who has been in the industry for nearly 30 years, has she given you any advice?
Sam:She’s been lovely with me which obviously makes the whole experience even better. She’s just so down to Earth; we’re all having a laugh with her and the band. She was saying to me that she loves my voice. The other day, I had soundchecked and I walked past her dressing room and she was singing one of my songs. So I was just ‘ahhh’.”
CelebMix:Which song was she singing?
Sam:It’s called ‘What You Do’. It’s not released yet but it’s on the EP. I’d just soundchecked it and she was like walking around singing it. I was just like ‘oh my god, this is one of those moments.’

You’re performing some brand new original songs at the shows – is it exciting seeing the reaction to them before they’re released?
Absolutely. Obviously it’s a big thing. You’re going on to a crowd that are hearing your songs for the first time so for me, the hard work is to win them over and get them having fun. All the songs on the EP are really high energy, quick and so much fun. That’s what these shows are about; especially with Heather’s songs as well so I think it fits really well.

Out of your unreleased songs, is there one that you’re most excited for everyone to hear?
I think ‘What You Do’; especially now I’ve had Heather Small’s approval. That’ll be coming soon.

And out of all your songs, have you got any that you enjoy performing live the most?
I’ve got a song called ‘Out Of Love’ and that is the slowest song and the more serious song on the EP. I think that it just shows a completely different side to the other songs. So when I’ve done all these fast ones, it’s really nice to just like take a moment and really listen to the lyrics in that song. I really enjoy singing it. It’s just like a nice moment.

We love the line ‘you keep saying the same old same things’ in ‘Done’ – are there any lyrics that you’re particularly proud of writing?
I do like that. In ‘Done’, I think people can relate to the lyrics when it’s like you keep saying the same things and I’m not going to tell you you’re wrong but you are. It’s one of them songs where you’re just like ‘oh my god, it’s so right’. You keep having the same argument and you’re like I can’t keep listening to you talk about the same old crap. So I agree. Lyrically, that’s one of my favourite songs.

Earlier this year, you hit the road for your very first headline tour. How did you find it?
It was the first time I sang any of the new songs. Obviously it was quite scary it being my tour anyway and then it being my own music but it was amazing. We started in Birmingham and ended in Newcastle. Every show, beginning and in between, was just the best. It was such a nice feeling.

We’ve seen on social media that people all over the world have been enjoying your music – is it overwhelming to see support in other countries?
Yeah, it’s like crazy. When the song comes out, obviously it comes out earlier in different countries because of the time difference and it’s just like it’s mad that you’re waiting for my song to come out like all over the place. I get messages from people in like: America, Italy, Brazil and Spain. It’s just madness. I still can’t get over it.

You’ve not stopped working since you appeared on The X Factor. When you left the show, did you think you’d be in the position that you are now?
I didn’t really know what was going to happen. I knew I wanted to make music and I knew I wanted to do shows and tours but I think you’ve just got to take each day as it comes. It is a hard industry and everyone’s kind of fighting for the same thing. I’m just enjoying what I’m doing. It’s easy to compare yourself to other people like ‘how come they’re doing this and I’m not?’ so I’m just enjoying what I’m doing and I am proud of how far we’ve come since the show. It’s like two different people.

Do you still keep in touch with any of your fellow X Factor finalists?
Yeah, we have a group chat that we still talk in all the time. Everyone lets each other know what we’re doing and if anyone is close, we’ll meet up or whatever. Everyone’s doing their own thing. I think everyone came off the show and had their own little paths that were right for them. Everyone’s working hard and doing what they want to do so it’s all good.

Exclusive Interview: Sam Lavery talks touring and new single 'For The Night' 3

After coming off stage every night, what do you ‘Walk Away’ feeling?
The buzz. There’s like always a moment on stage; no matter how long or short my set is. I’ll get that feeling. I’ll look out, I’ll forget what I’m even singing and I’m just like ‘this is mint, I love this’ so that’s like my walk away feeling. I’m so happy.

If someone was dancing to the ‘Beat Of You’ right now, what would they be listening to?
On my playlist, I’ve just added it and it’s called ‘Emotions’ by Morgan Munroe. It’s such a banger that tune and that’s like my beat at the minute.

If you could escape anywhere in the world ‘For The Night’, where would you go?
Sam:I think I’d have to go Cyprus; that’s my favourite place and it’s just so chilled. That’d be good; especially after this long tour.
CelebMix:Have you been to Cyprus much before?
Sam:For the past 12 years in a row (laughs) so it’s my favourite place ever.

What does the rest of 2018 have in store?
I’ve got so much new music. It’s there, it’s ready and we know when it’s coming. So it’s just shows and the EP coming will be out as well; we’re going to have some singles before that. More tours are going to be announced and I’m just so excited because we’ve got some things that are confirmed and I’m just like ‘oh my god’. It makes me so happy that I’m getting all of these chances.

If you could leave a message for your fans, what would you say?
Just again, thank you so much. It’s been like a long journey now since The X Factor and as a whole, I’ve kept the same fans. Then doing shows like this, I’m growing on people that I might not have ever had the chance to perform in front of so every opportunity. For everyone that downloads my music and like comes to shows, just thank you so much.

Finally, to end the interview, what’s your ultimate life lotto at the moment?
It’s just have fun. As cliché as that sounds, that’s what I’m doing every single day at the minute.

‘For The Night’ is available here on iTunes. To celebrate the release of the track, Sam is encouraging fans to share videos singing or lip-syncing the lyrics with the hashtag #ForTheNight. One lucky winner will be sent official merchandise and they’ll also get to chat to Sam via FaceTime.

As mentioned in the interview, Sam has more original songs on the way very soon and we can confirm that they’re absolutely brilliant. We’ll post more details about Sam’s EP when they’re announced. Make sure you also check out her previous singles: ‘Walk Away‘ and ‘Beat Of You‘.

At just 18 years old, Sam Lavery has certainly achieved a lot and 2018 is sure to bring her even more success. The songstress is full of passion and her talent is one in a million.

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Written by Mark Willis

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