Exclusive Interview: Sari Arambulo discusses her role in NBC’s ‘A.P. Bio’


Whether or not you’re in an A.P. class in school, we could all agree it can be a bit hard, right? It’s called advanced placement for a reason. Things could get difficult. But not ALL A.P. classes are like that… Well, when it comes to NBC’s new comedy A.P. Bio. Trust us when we say this is the one A.P. class you’d want to take.

This month, NBC added one more hilarious show to its Thursday lineup, A.P. Bio starring Glenn Howerton who plays Jack Griffin. Griffin is a disgraced Harvard Philosophy scholar who doesn’t score his dream job which eventually causes him to go back to Toledo, Ohio where we find him working as a high school Advanced Placement Biology teacher. Realizing his class is full of literally so many smart students, Griffin takes this to his advantage.

We had a chance to chat with one of those smart individuals in the room, Sari Arambulo, who plays Grace. Keep reading to see how she scored this role, what it’s like on set, and her personal experience in school!

Well, first off, Let’s get to know you! Tell us a bit about how you got your start as an actress and why you chose to pursue a career in this industry?

I got my start in dance classes and musical theatre while I was in school. From there, I took voice lessons, participated in hip-hop competitions, and began taking acting classes. My first time on set was for a commercial, which I enjoyed immensely, and I remember wishing it didn’t end. That’s how I fell in love with acting and really solidified my desire to become an actress. I chose a career in this industry because I just fell in love with performing and bringing people joy through my work.

You’ve appeared on various television shows but how did A.P. Bio land right in front of you?

I just got a call one day for the audition! I went in once and found out I booked it the next day. I was on set 3 days later. So it was a super quick turn around!

When you auditioned for the role Grace, what did you know about your character? How did you go about embracing and getting into your character during your audition?

When I auditioned, I knew that Grace was sweet, shy, and one of the students in the A.P. Bio class. I kind of just channeled myself because I’m normally a sweet and kind human being, so I just played up that part of my own personality. At the same time, I am also an extrovert so I had to work on being more shy and timid by recalling the mannerisms of a shy classmate I had in high school.

What is it like to be on set with the rest of the cast?

SOOO fun! Every day was a joy to work with them; we were constantly laughing and making jokes.

More importantly, how do you keep such a straight face when you have Glenn Howerton saying some out of pocket things?

Keeping a straight face took a lot of practice, there were a couple of takes where us kids couldn’t keep it together! Glenn is hilarious.

How do you go about preparing for your character or each new episode?

I read the script and study my lines and make strong choices for my character in prep for each new episode that we film.

Why do you think our readers should tune in? How does this show stand out from the pack?

It’s honestly just such a fun, zany show. Not your typical high school for sure! Its humor is subtle and specific, yet has the ability to resonate with a large audience. We’ve all been through awkward high school moments, so it’s a great show to make you recall your high school days.

What have you learned while being on set and working alongside a pretty cool cast?

I just feel so blessed to be given this opportunity, working with such a talented cast and crew! And I made sure to appreciate every moment of it. I’ve learned to not be afraid to make strong choices and just go for it and have fun!

Were you in any AP classes? What is your favorite subject?

I was! I took AP French, AP US History, AP Literature, AP English, AP Calculus, and AP Government. For my favorite class – I would say it’s a tie between French and drama class.

Just for funsies, say it’s your first day of school. What are your must-haves in your backpack or purse that you need to bring?

Ooh, must-haves would be: a cool notebook and pen, my wallet, keys, and phone are the essentials. I also would have a hand sanitizer, a water bottle and a protein bar for when I get hungry, and chapstick. And, I most likely would have a script that needs to be memorized.

Thank you to Sari for her time! Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @CelebMix

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Written by Ashley Bulayo

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