Exclusive Interview: Tux Bolo on Music, Achievements, and Their New Single Taste

When the guys from Tux Bolo first spoke with us almost a year ago, they’d just released their debut single Shame On Me and were overwhelmed with the positive reaction to the tune. It was the first track they put out as a band and that can be an incredibly vulnerable moment.

The song was awesome but we’ve been waiting for another tune, and now, it’s here. Tux Bolo released Taste with us today and you can check out the tune here. It’s a smash and you won’t be able to stop listening to it once you hear it for the first time.

To go along with their new single, we wanted to touch base with Lance, Doug, and Dan again to see what’s changed over the last year for them as individuals and as a band. From what went into writing Taste to what their own favorite songs are, their answers shine a light on their personalities which are just as incredible as their sound.

It’s been a little while since we last spoke to you, can you give us a recap of what you’ve been up to this year?
This past year, Tux Bolo has been very busy!  Dan has been working in LA, writing and collaborating on songs with other artists and producers.  In Minneapolis, Doug has been busy writing songs and drumming in a touring band.  Lance has been producing new work and music for TV series. He had some success placing a few of our songs in shows, including music we are prepping for release to the public. Overall, we are constantly experimenting with artwork and soundscapes in an effort to create some really fresh goods for the remainder for 2017 and beyond.

What is the achievement you’re most proud of as a band in 2017?
We were inspired by all of the love and engagement we received from our new fans after the release of our debut single, Shame On Me (ft. Ashley DuBose).  It can be frightening not knowing how people will respond to a song after we’ve poured our sweat and soul into it.  Everyone made our debut into existence a really enjoyable one with their tweets, comments and DM’s.  We love our supporters and try to respond to every single message!

We’re debuting your new single today and it is an absolute tune. I’ve listened to it a number of times since you’ve sent it our way and I’m obsessed. Is it a track you love listening to also? Do you keep that in mind when you write your music?
Thanks so much for the kind words! Yes! We love listening to this song. A late night drive to WeHo with the windows down in Dan’s Jeep is how we like to bump it. It’s worth mentioning that very few of the elements in the song were ‘programmed’ as people tend to assume with electronic music. The drums and fills were tracked live, keys and synths were laid down in real time, and the ambient background stuff was taken directly from the vocal performance.  We geek out about details like that.  We also really love Isa Sponslier’s voice – so unique – and he’s got serious style to boot.

‘Taste’ is a bit more upbeat and admittedly sexier than your first tune – what went into the writing process that made this one different?
Lance’s decision to give the song a swung groove played into the ‘sexy’ vibe.  There were plenty of debates over lyrics and tones to make sure it had a little more of a mature, brooding vibe.  The more we experimented with darker flavors, the more we liked it, so we threw out a lot of original ideas until we felt like the song had grown into it’s true self.  We were at a point in our collaborative relationship where we felt it was important to let go of ideas we each clung on to in order to let the songs become something of their own.

Speaking of the writing process, where do you find most of your motivation coming from? Do you ‘live with’ your music before you’re ready to debut it?
We all gather motivation from very different sources, so collectively we have no shortage of it!  We’re hungry to challenge ourselves and push the limits of our abilities.  Since each of us, to some degree, play several instruments, write lyrics, and produce, it keeps our process loaded with ideas from all angles.  Candidly, it’s sparked plenty of debate in the studio as each of us has had creative babies that we try to defend.  What would a good collaboration be without sprinkles of drama?  We keep an open dialogue about songs literally until the final minute before their release. It seems amazing that we release anything to the world considering how much discussion there is about the songs.  Hahaha

If you had to pick a favorite lyric from Taste, what would it be?
If you asked this privately, you’d probably get three different answers. However, the line that everyone could agree might be the first line of the second verse, “Lock me up and throw away the cure.” We like it because it’s a nice play on a cliché and conveys the desperation of a lovesick fool.  I think we’ve all been there at some point in our lives; so swept up by someone, or some mission, that we give up on taking care of ourselves just to feel close to it.

Is there anyone in your personal lives that you send music to before you can sort of ‘tell yourselves’ that the song is complete?
Somewhat yes, somewhat no. We don’t tend to send it to anybody for approval necessarily, but we definitely have a couple people that we like to share it with who don’t filter themselves.  We like dead honesty.  It helps us grow faster.  Some people said our first single lacked substance, which was a totally legitimate opinion, however, we just wanted it to be a party jam.  We don’t always think we create masterpieces.  Sometimes we just want to make unapologetic pop songs that we can put on at a party and keep the vibe lit.  We’ve actually used one of those song feedback sites out of curiosity (AudioKite).  It was interesting to hear random stranger’s opinions, and obvious that not everyone has a sweet tooth for pure pop music!

Are there any other tracks you hope to release this year? If so, can you tell us just a little bit about one of them?
Yes! It’s possible we may drop it end of 2017, but it seems like it may be early, early, 2018. It’s a similar vibe to Taste lyrically, but a little funkier still. It’s got slap bass, guitar riffs, and really cool dreamy synth lines. Definitely excited to see everyone’s reaction to it.

Are there any goals you have set for yourselves, personally and together, that you plan to cross off by the end of this year?
Yes. 2017 turned into a big transition year for each of us personally, so it sort of slowed down the rate of releases we had hoped for.  Settling into Los Angeles is no small feat, and Dan can speak to that!  But, Lance and Doug were able to fly out a few times and get some new song ideas down amidst the storm of other projects.  Long story short, end of 2017 through 2018 you’ll be hearing a lot more from Tux Bolo…

Now, because we’re always curious, there are a plethora of songs right now that suit the ‘guilty pleasure’ category – what are some of yours?
Lance: Sex With Me – Rihanna

Doug: (I never feel guilty for the music I like) Craving You – Thomas Rhett ft. Maren Morris

Dan:  The entire “Frozen” soundtrack!  (wink wink)

Finally, what do you hope your fans, new and old, learn from you with Taste?
Can we turn the question on it’s head?  We want to learn about how they identify with the song!  Thematically, it’s a song about lusting after someone or something and not being able to grasp reality because you’re so swept up in the thought of getting JUST ONE TASTE!  Ha! It would be so cool to hear from people about what that thing, that goal, or who that person is in their own lives. Tweet at us! There was a great TED Talk recently in which the speaker mentioned that people’s aspirations are generally higher than they’ve ever been.  We have the internet and social media to attribute this to.  If our fans feel passionate about someone, or hungry with aspiration, we want to know all the juicy details.

If those answers weren’t awesome enough, they added an extra Thank You to all of our CelebMix readers/Tux Bolo fans for the support you’ve given them so far. Here’s to an awesome future, with a band this talented, dedicated, and kind – they’ve got an incredible path ahead of them. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Also, tweet us and the guys at Tux Bolo and tell them what you think of the song!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.