EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Two Ways Home

Two Ways Home are the country duo made up of Isabella Mariee from Austria, Vienna and Lewis Fowler, who grew up in Gloucestershire. The pair are now based in London and have had a trip to Nashville to find their true sound and musical direction.

Have a read of their interview with us and find out more about the duo:

Thank you for giving CelebMix this opportunity, it means a lot to us! So you guys released a EP on the 17th of June, what was the reaction to it?

Isabella: Really good actually! Everyone seemed to really like it and that made us super happy. The songs are super fun and it was nice to play some more upbeat songs.

Lewis: Yes and we’ve had 3 EP releases and I definitely think this one was the most positively received.

What is your favourite song off the EP?

I: For me its ‘Push and Pull’.

L: And for me, I really like ‘Don’t Give Up On Me Tonight’ because there are lots of little bits, for example there is a lovely piano part in the solo and it feels warm and good.

Did those songs have any particular meaning behind them?

I: Well usually with songs we write them with more of a dark meaning but with ‘Push and Pull’ we wrote something which is a lot happier. It’s about someone discovering their heart after someone hurt them and they realise they can love again.

L: With ‘Don’t Give Up On Me Tonight’, I really like it as it was one of the first co-writes we’d had and we wrote it with the artist Logan Brill. It’s about lots of previous experiences with being on the road and being away from home and feeling like you really want to get back to whoever you’re singing the song to.

From all the songs you’ve ever written, have you got a favourite song lyric?

L: So we have a song called ‘Take My Hand’

I: Which is a song we haven’t release on any EP but it’s on the online platforms including Spotify

L: Yes so the line is, “we’re all lonely lovers lying still and wrapped in covers waking up to empty bottles with empty hearts and empty hands”. It’s the idea of this connecting being a couple, of like the harder times in a relationship.

So obviously you guys have musical influences, who are they?

L: I grew up playing guitar so the way I got into the music that we play was through acts like The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Osmonds Brothers. Bands like this, wicked guitar bands but in particular Hotel California made me think ‘man I’d love to play a guitar solo like that!’ So the more I practiced it made me realise, wow actually you can do these things.

I: For me it was more of the R&B music, because I grew up in Austria so we got a lot of music from America. My parents listened to Motown, Michael Jackson then Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, big vocal inspirations for me. But at the moment for me it’s Lucy Silver.

So from your musical influences that you mentioned is there someone who you would love to collaborate with, dead or alive?

L: For me it would be Freddie Mercury but I feel like that collaboration wouldn’t work.

I: I think i’d love to collaborate with Prince.

After coming to England and then travelling the rest of Europe how does it feel to hear your music played on the radio?

I: It’s obviously amazing when you hear that someone is going to play you on the radio and then you hope a lot of people are listening and liking your music!

L: We always tune in and listen and it’s oddly different when you hear the song being played on the radio and you didn’t just put it on in the car.

A question you’ve probably been asked a lot but any album plans?

L: We originally thought we would do 3 EPs and figure out our sound and what producers we liked, get a solid band together and put everything in place. Then we thought we’d be ready to do an album… so I guess we are kind of there now.

And are you guys going on tour any time soon?

I: The next live show we’ve got coming up is actually part of Country Music Week which is a lot of American acts coming over and it’s across a few different venues in London. We’re going to be part of that on Sunday the 8th. We also have a thing called the Round Up which we host. It’s a national style writers round when we get 3 or 4 different acts to perform with us and showcase their music and songs.

L: Yeah so the next event is 12th of October then the 2nd of November. We then have a special Christmas edition on the 13th of December so not touring but lots of shows.

Lastly is there anything you’d like to stay to your fans?

L:We are busy working away to bring some new music out so stay tuned.

I: And come see us live!

Thank you so much to Two Ways Home for that interview and all the best to them with their new music and future plans!

Two Ways Home will be performing at The Borderline in London on 8th October as part of Country Music Week.

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Written by Sofia Esposito

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