EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Vaness Alegacy

Vaness Alegacy is one of the most exciting new pop artists on the scene at the moment. She has just released her brand new single ‘Hoping & Waiting’, and the official music video for the track will be premiering soon.

Here we speak exclusively to Vaness Alegacy about her new music, future plans, dream collaborations and much, much more.

Growing up who or what inspired your love of music?

There were a few contributing factors that I can think of… One of them being Mariah Carey… I was one of those little girls in the 90s and 2000s who would try, and I mean try to sing like Mariah. It wasn’t until I realized she was a unicorn that I started digging deep to find my own voice. But to be completely honest, I’ll put on her old albums and still try to hit all the notes … practice makes perfect, right?  

When did you realize you wanted to pursue music as a career?

I knew this at a pretty young age. I put my parents through hell where school was involved, not that I was a bad student, I got pretty good marks growing up. But I NEVER saw myself pursuing a career that required a university degree. Even though I think to navigate this industry you should have one. I always knew I wanted to sing. I always knew this was what I was meant for. 

What is the inspiration behind your new single ‘Hoping & Waiting’?

The inspiration behind ‘Hoping & Waiting’ was an article that was written by a girl I went to high school with. We were never friends, but everyone at that school knew each other because it was so small. The article talked about her struggle with addiction. From stealing from her parents to get a fix to relapsing time and time again, the article really struck a chord with me especially when she spoke of how her addiction affected her family. I really wanted to write the song from their perspective, watching their daughter and sister spiral downward as they tried everything they could to get her the help she needed. Then the despair of realizing they couldn’t help her at all. If she wanted to get clean it was something she would need to do on her own. This is a story that isn’t always told, the story of watching your loved one struggle with a disease and being completely helpless in their recovery. That was the driving force to writing this song. I wanted people out there listening to know that if they are going through this or know someone who is, letting go isn’t the same as giving up, it’s just sometimes the only option left. 

When writing new music do you enjoy working by yourself or with a group?

I usually do all my writing alone at first, and then I bring it to a producer to fine tune the musical direction and even some of the lyrics. Two heads are always better than one.

If you could collaborate with any artist who would you choose?

How long of a list do you want??? lol …. Top of my list if I had to narrow it down would be Sia… her writing capabilities are so next level, and as far as I know everything she does is incredible.

Are you planning on releasing an album soon?

I am definitely working towards an album yes. No idea when it’ll be released yet but it’s definitely in the works.

Will you be touring your new music?

Touring is my fav thing… I got a little taste singing backgrounds a few years back, and I’ve been itching ever since.. Nothing would make me happier than to hit stages across the country playing my own music. I hope to tour in the next year.

What do you hope to achieve over the next ten years?

10 years is a long time… A world tour sounds good to me lol

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