EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW + VIDEO PREMIERE: Marija presents “Louder Than A Drum”

Not even two weeks after the release of her brand new smashing single “Louder Than A Drum”, Marija Žeželj surprised fans by giving them what they want- a music video. Not long after its initial release, the song rocketed to the #1 spot on Deezer’s Sop Serbia chart, and it remains in the Top 10 to this day. CelebMix was honoured to receive an opportunity to be amongst the first websites to show off the work of Kosta Djurakovic, and to have an exclusive chat with Marija herself.

As mentioned before on numerous occasions, this song is special for Marija simply because it tells you just how much she’s grown as both a person and an artist, and this video shows exactly that. In the video, she is surrounded by six women of various ages who represent her past and her present. And if that wasn’t brilliant enough, soft pastel colours were added to showcase the dichotomy of Marija’s inner and outer being.

Kosta, the genius mind behind the whole thing, had this to say:

“The video is a colorful depiction of Marija’s growing-up process – six female characters in the video represent different parts of her personality – girls she has been, and the women she will grow up to become. The pink/blue decor demonstrates her attitude and the idea of looking at life through ’rose-colored’ glasses, while the outside scene initiates the feeling of being trapped between being a teenager and a grownup. The actual creative process of bringing this concept to life required a lot of communication and honesty.”

So without further ado, we present to you the marvellous “Louder Than A Drum” music video! We’d also advise you to get your repeat button ready.

CelebMix spoke to Marija about her career, the people she’s worked with, and her hopes and plans for the bright future ahead of her.

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Why don’t we start off this interview with a little introduction. Tell us something about yourself and your career.

It all started when I opened up my YouTube channel back in 2015. At the time I was one of the first YouTubers on the Balkan scene, so my channel grew very fast. A year later I got an opportunity to write a book, become a model, and in 2017 I also got a call from Universal Music Serbia to record a debut single.


You’ve made quite the breakthrough not only in your home country, but also across the border. While you’re mainly known for your influence on YouTube, you have managed to kick start your music career as well. Do you feel a bigger passion for YouTube or music, or is it somehow balanced?

Everything I do, I do it with passion. To be honest, I am still trying to find my path career wise. I manage to make vlogs and YouTube videos while being a singer and a model. In a way it always comes as a package.


What’s one country or city that you haven’t been to yet, but would like to visit?

I would love to visit London! Since I was a kid I wanted to travel and see my dream city. Hopefully it will happen very soon.


We can’t skip the question about your book. Tell us a little something about it and what it feels like to be a published author? Is this something you’ve always wanted to do?

When I started primary school and learned how to write, I had a little secret journal. I would write short stories and my thoughts… but what I never imagined is that I would publish a book at the age of 16. Maybe that’s a secret passion of mine. My first book is called “Moj Slatki Život” (translated as “My Sweet Life”), and it’s a fiction novel about a 13 year old girl Nadja.


“Dance Like Nobody’s Watching” and “Louder Than A Drum” are absolute pop masterpieces, and this is just the beginning of your music career. What is the inspiration behind these songs that are already hits in multiple countries?

Thank you for calling them masterpieces. “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching” is about first love and having fun… It has a catchy beat so you can dance to it.

“Louder Than A Drum” is more on a serious note. For this one I took a part in writing the lyrics, therefore making it more personal and giving it true emotions. This song is very personal to me and it’s about me growing up. Explaining what is happening inside me and what I am going trough on a daily basis. I like to believe everyone can relate to it…


You currently have two singles out, can we expect an album any time soon?

At the time I am focusing on my new single and trying to develop further as a music artist. In December I will perform for the first time in front of a big audience in Belgrade, so right now I am rehearsing and preparing these live performances. As for album plans… We will have to see what the future has to offer.


If you had the chance to collaborate with anyone in the music industry, who would it be and why?

Definitely Shawn Mendes. He has something special. Such a talented person. Actually I had an opportunity to meet him, but just for five seconds at a meet & greet opportunity in Vienna. Maybe sometime in the future I’ll get a chance to talk to him about music and ask for advice.


We’ve seen you met Alex Aiono in Vienna couple of weeks ago and performed his hit single “Does It Feel Like Falling” with him. Tell us more about that?

Yeah, during his showcase concert in Universal Music office in Vienna I joined him on stage for “Does It Feel Like Falling”. I was very nervous, but as soon as I started singing people started applauding and cheering… It was so emotional. I’m honoured I was given this opportunity. He is such a talented and grounded person. It was a pleasure to meet him and perform with him. Also, we adopted little dwarf mongooses together at Schonbrunn Zoo! And that’s not all, we got into lemur’s cage and fed them. It was so much fun! I’m definitely going to remember this experience.


What about the Eurovision? Given the chance, would you like to participate and represent Serbia?

It would be a pleasure and honor to represent my country. But, I don’t think I’m ready for a competition like that right now. The music industry is new to me and I need more time to grow as an artist.


Since 2015 you’ve made quite the name for yourself not only on YouTube, but in the entertainment industry as well. Your life is completely different now compared to three years ago. How are you coping with everything? 

It’s not easy, but with time you get used to everyday responsibilities. I put a lot of work in everything I do and I’m consistently trying to develop myself as a person. Every new step brings new challenges you have to overcome.


You’re a YouTuber, an author, and now a singer. Do you have any plans on taking on the film industry as well and trying your luck out as an actress?

If I get a opportunity, why not?! I love trying new things and finding my true calling. It doesn’t have to be successful every time. One way or another you will find your way to succeed and find your path.


And lastly, what advice do you have for other people who are trying to follow their dreams, much like you’ve been doing for the past few years?

Dream big, work hard, stay true to yourself, and be confident.

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We’d like to thank Marija for chatting with us and we wish her nothing but the best on her road towards what is surely an amazing future in the music industry.


You can follow Marija on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and while you’re at it you can head on over to CelebMix to share the excitement over her new video!

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