Marija releases new single “Louder Than A Drum”

After months of preparation, Marija Žeželj has finally released her long-awaited second single titled “Louder Than A Drum”.

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Marija is a multi-talented entertainer best known for her work as a YouTuber. However, Universal Music Group Serbia saw potential after she featured in a cover of Justin Bieber’s song “Love Yourself”, and in March 2017 she received the honour of signing with them. Not long after that, Marija released her debut single “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching”. The catchy pop song was written and produced by the Popmaché team, and it didn’t disappoint. This hit soon made its way to the top of Trending Lists in Serbia, securing a spot in many playlists (including those in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria,…).

With the release of her first single and the success that followed, it was safe to say that it earned Žeželj loads of new fans and a lot of recognition in the music industry. And now, following those achievements, we finally got to hear more from the promising pop star!

“Louder Than A Drum” is her second single that just came out, and you may want to get your repeat button ready. You can get the song here.

Seeing as it was written by the same team who worked on her debut, it should come as no surprise that this new tune is nothing but another pop masterpiece. Marija’s powerful voice blends in perfectly with the smooth sound, making you actually feel the lyrics. Which is quite impressive considering the fact that she just recently turned 18 years old.

The song was written as a way of showing the world the person that she became, her transition from a teenager to a woman, and it creatively shows off her artistry. Many people seem to agree, coming from the fact that it’s been #1 in Serbia since it came out, according to Deezer.

This single counts as Marija Žeželj’s second official step in the music industry, and even at such an early stage of the whole process, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s a promising beginning to her new career.

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What do you think about Marija Žeželj and her songs? You can follow her route to fame on her official Facebook page, along with her Instagram and Twitter account. Also, head on over to CelebMix and share you excitement with us!

Written by Azra

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