EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Will Homewood On His Co-Headline Gig

It is just one whole week to go until Will Homewood graces the UnPlug stage in Birmingham for his co-headline gig with Bronnie.

He has previously supported Josh Taylor and Over Atlantic. He is always releasing cover videos on his socials, and has recently dropped a stunning original track on SoundCloud, titled “Summer Love”.

As Will Homewood prepares for his co-headline gig next week, he took some time out to talk to CelebMix.

1) Hi Will, how are you today? What have you been up to lately?

Hey Man! I’m wicked thanks, I’ve been in my element writing and recording recently. It’s been awesome.

2) How excited are you for your co-headline gig in Birmingham?

I’m so excited! It’s a massive step in the right direction as we have almost sold out already. I wanted to put on a gig in Birmingham for the fans that have been so great to me; they have been asking for this so I thought it would be fun to do and as Bronnie and I have many of the same fans in the Midlands it seemed natural to do this gig together. It may seem crazy but I really miss seeing the fans between gigs, so I can’t wait!

3) You recently went to see the venue, what did you make of it?

It’s looking good, they are currently refurbishing so it will be amazing on the day. UnPlug is a real grass roots venue which we must all help to protect. It’s difficult to find independent music venues to perform at in a lot of areas; Birmingham is great as it really seems to nurture these sort of venues which are so important for musicians starting out.

4) What should people expect from you at this gig?

This gig is meant to be a real celebration of the fans, I want it to be a memorable experience for them. We will have a Q & A, performances from our support acts, as well as from me and Bronnie, a meet and greet with all artists, plus a couple of surprises.

5) You have done a lot of cover videos on your socials, which has been your favourite cover song?

That’s a hard question! I have lots of favourites for different reasons but I guess my most recent favourite would have to be “All Night” by The Vamps, I have seen them live a few times and I love their energy.

6) Which song is your favourite to perform on stage?

I love performing my originals and hearing the fans singing along, I still find it amazing that people know my songs. If I had to pick just one I guess it would be “Crossroad”.

7) You recently released original song “Summer Love”, tell us more about it.

I wrote this song a few weeks ago with a really talented guy and good friend called Alex McMain, we have worked on a few songs together and he is a truly amazing producer, as well as being an all-around amazingly cool guy. “Summer Love” is about falling in love and the difficulties you face in a long distance relationship. Do you fight to keep your love alive or leave it as a memory?

8) Will “Summer Love” be included in your set for your co-headline gig?

Yes, definitely. I can’t wait to share it.

9) What do you make of Bronnie?

She’s wicked, “High School Sucks” is a tune! Bronnie literally puts the P in Punk! She is awesome.

10) What do you make of the support acts, Harri Oakland and Oakley Orchard?

I met Harri in October in Birmingham when we were both supporting Josh Taylor, he’s a great guy, really fun. I met Oakley backstage, at a gig, we were both at, in the Summer; we then met again when we were supporting Over Atlantic, in London, in November and I think he’s great. They are both really talented guys. Bronnie and I were in complete agreement in wanting them to support us at this gig, we are so happy that they can be there to share this with us.

11) You recently released merchandise, how did that come along?

Some of the fans were asking for merch so I asked them on Twitter what they would like to have and there was a unanimous vote for hoodies. I had a hunt around for good quality, affordable hoodies and found a great company to make them for me; it was important to me that the fans got exactly what they wanted. The logo design has gone down really well and I can’t wait to see people wearing them at the gig.

12) What should we expect from you this year?

I have a few projects in the pipeline for later on this year that I can’t really talk about until all confirmed but I will definitely be doing a lot more writing over the coming months. I also have a few other gigs in the next couple of months there are details of these on my social media.

13) Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Just THANK YOU SO MUCH! I never dreamed that I would have such fantastic supporters. You are all amazing, I can’t wait to see you all over the coming few weeks.

Thank you so much, Will Homewood, for taking some time out to talk with us. We look forward to seeing you rock the UnPlug stage next week.

Don’t forget to get your tickets for his co-headline gig with Bronnie before they all sell out. The gig will take place in Birmingham at the UnPlug venue on Saturday 4 February. Just one more week to go.

Are you excited to see Will Homewood next week? Tell us over on Twitter @CelebMix, and we’ll see you there. Look out for our review of the gig.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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