EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Alex Kopp

Alex Kopp is a 25 year old Ohio born, music producer and keyboardist for band Third Eye Blind.

Alex has worked with some big names in the industry including Austin Mahone.

I was lucky enough to catch up with the man himself, where he told me about his work, what he thinks of music streaming, and also offers advice to up and coming producers.

How old were you when you produced your first track?


When did you realize you wanted to pursue producing as a career?

woo, good question partially at an early age growing up playing on records and what not, But fully in about 2009

Do you also write as well as produce?

I do, I’m not much of a lyricist, but i do love writing melody

How old where you when you got your big break?

Hmm, not sure if I have quite yet. In that sense but I have been lucky enough since 18 to be able to do music full time

Do you think its easier or harder to make as a producer now?

I  think its easier to get your stuff out there, but the competition bar is definitely raised because of that.

Apart from the keyboard, do you play any other instruments? 

Yes, I try to learn the basics of most instruments, But first and foremost I’m a drummer, I also play some guitar and bass.

What song has been your biggest hit?

Not sure really, I worked on a song for a kid Austin Mahone back when I first started, called ’11:11′ It did really well for a new artist and that was pretty cool to see.

Apart from Austin Mahone, what other artists have you worked with?

to many to name!, Most recently ( being in the band ) but working on the new Third eye Blind Record as a musician, and helping here and there with production was a lot of fun.

Who has been your favourite artist to work with?

That’s hard to say, Growing up in Ohio I worked with a  lot of cool local artists. Its always fun to work with smaller artists with a lot of love and drive.

Out of all the songs you have worked on what track are you most proud of?

I think this new track called ” Something in you” on The new Third Eye Blind album Dopamine, Its super fresh sounding and really fun

If you could work with anyone who would you choose?

I would love to work with, Benny Blanco, Stargate, and Super Production Team.

Who is your favourite artist at the moment?

I have been really into the band ” The 1975″ for a couple years now. I love the simplicity of their records

What do you think about free music streaming? do you think it damages the music industry?

Not at all, I think streaming is great. But i think the way the streaming industry looks at plays vs pay is unfair. To see a giant corporation making hundreds of millions of dollars profit and paying artists pennies is something i don’t agree with.
I think it should be a more fair system. But that’s big businesses
If you could change one thing about the music industry what would it be?
Hmm, I think copyright law. It needs updated to reflect modern ways of consuming music ( its in the works ) but I think this is huge
Do you have any advice for budding music producers?
Make new sounds. Sample everything, try everything. And always try to finish a track whether it sucks or not.
You can follow Alex on twitter @Akopp and his band Third Eye Blind @ThirdEyeBlind



Written by Laura Klonowski

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