EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Ava Cota who talks Dance Moms, and her upcoming EP.

Ava Cota is a professional dancer, model, singer and social media influencer. Ava is sixteen years old and is ready to take over the world.

She has been inspired by her love of fitness, dance and body positivity. Ava Cota first found fame on Lifetime’s hit TV show “Dance Moms” and is now getting ready to release an EP, a sporty/chic collaboration clothing line with the amazing designer Jonathan Marc Stein. Her clothing line is called “AVA X JMS”, this shows her love for fitness and fashion combining both worlds. Her line has been described as a new sporty-chic line with anything from a casual workout to trendy going out attire. Ava’s clothing line will be suitable for all ages and sizes. As well as her clothing line being released Ava is planning to tour the USA teaching master classes at dance studios to promote self-love, body positivity and will be open to all levels of dancers.

Courtesy of Ava Cota

What made you start dancing on ‘Dance Moms’? 

I actually did not mean to get casted on Dance Moms. When I went to the audition I was under the impression that I was auditioning for AUDC which was another show that Abby Lee Miller was doing at the time. Then I ended up being A part of the last two that were left in the audition and was put on Dance Moms. Which was very unexpected and super exciting!

On Dance Moms what was your most memorable performance?

I would probably save to say my solo called ‘Hurtful Words’, just because of the message of the piece and I felt like I was saying everything I felt to Abby, through my dancing, which was a great moment for me.

When will your Master Class Tour in the US begin, and what aspects are you looking forward to the most?

It has already begun! I am really looking forward to traveling to different studios and teaching with my mom again, it has been a bit since we have taught and choreograph together! But I also love getting my message of self-love out to the kids that we are teaching and really helping inspire them in there dancing!


Courtesy of Ava Cota

Why do you like to promote self-love?

I love spreading the message of self-love because it is exactly what helped me get through some really hard times in my life. And I think that this message is very important to the next generation growing up, especially in this world full of social media.

Who influenced you to start a clothing line?

I have really always loved fashion but that passion really elevated when I started getting into the modeling industry! Since I was young I would always design my own clothes and make little Barbie clothes… LOL but I am super excited that I now get to work with a super talented designer and create a more mature line!

What style did you want to achieve with your new clothing line?

I call it sporty/chic!! I wanted it to be something that you could wear just a normal day and then dress it up by just adding one thing. But my biggest requirement was that everything had to be super comfy, while being something very unique. 

Courtesy of Ava Cota

What sound did you want to achieve on your upcoming EP, and what do you hope your fans take away from your music?

I think as I approached it was more about the lyrics then the sound I was trying to create. As a new artist I am really trying to find my sound and who I am, but I think that writing my own lyrics has really helped me establish that! I always hope that in my music and everything I do, someone can be inspired, relate to, or just be somehow affected by the art I have created. The lyrics that I wrote are very personal to me and I feel that every song is something that someone can relate to you in a different way. 

Why did you want to get into the music industry?

I have been singing for a long time, and it has always been one of my passions, but I feel that it always has been on the back burner. I cannot wait for me to be in the spotlight as a singer songwriter and be able to put out my own music! 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I see myself meeting my goals in different aspects of my life. But my main focus is to positively influence as many people as possible with my platform while taking on my career.

Would you ever consider your own reality tv show?

Possibly… I definitely have enough drama in my life to make a good show! LOL.

Courtesy of Ava Cota


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