Exclusive: Interview with Dana Vaughns

Dana Vaughns is not new to the music industry. Once a part of the popular band “IM5”, Vaughns has now emerged as a powerful solo artist. Through his music and mesmerising dance moves, the artist has been able to build a passionate fanbase who supports him in all his endeavors. His songs including “Whoa Shit” and “Underneath” have received a positive response from the fans.

Following the success of his previous release, “Underneath,” which received over 750,000 streams on Spotify, Dana Vaughns is back with a brand new track titled DNA”. 

The single is accompanied by a music video that showcases Dana’s talent as a dancer. Shot in just one take, the concept of the video was devised and executed by Nick DeMoura.

CelebMix spoke to the singer about his journey so far, his new single and his plans for 2018. Check out the complete interview below:

You don’t really need an introduction. Dana, you have had some big moments as an artist. We would like to know your thoughts on your journey so far.

I take every step forward as a sign that my team and I are doing what we set out to do. It’s a blessing to see how many people my music has touched and the fact that people feel my intentions behind every record is special. My “Day Ones” are incredible

Which moments, according to you, have been the highlight of your journey?

A couple things. First, is to be independent and gaining traction on all major streaming platforms. Multiple Spotify New Music Friday’s, Apple Music’s Best of the week, etc. Also the testimonies from the fans about how I’ve inspired a new mindset for them and seeing them grow up with me.

From IM5 to DNA, how do you see your evolution as an artist?

I see it as a glimpse of the future. Every day I’m striving to be a better and more in-tuned artist. I’ve surprised myself with my own abilities even looking back at the beginning of IM5 being the “dancer” so the sky is the limit.

You have a passionate fandom who have followed you since the days of IM5. Would you like to share with us some memorable moments or interactions with the fans?

Too many to pick specifics. The moments where they really put their time into a letter they’ve written or the posters that they might’ve made really stick out. Also the occasional attempt to kiss me is always an interesting and fun experience haha

Congratulations on the release of “DNA”. Please tell us a bit about the single.

Thank you!! This song is supposed to inspire us all to get up, dance, and congregate with all genres of people. The leading line before the hook is “ Don’t have to hide, the beat inside, it cha D..N..A” Insinuating it is literally impossible not to bop your head to this one.

How has been the reception so far?

Amazing! I can’t say it’s come as a surprise to me, as I’ve always had very high expectations for myself and influence, but more than anything I’m happy that my fans know that they can rely on me to always release quality music, and honest writing in my songs.

The music video was shot in one take. How challenging was it to shoot the music video?

It wasn’t anything I haven’t been prepared for through years of being in this industry, but the most challenging part was that I had to carry the energy of the whole room. If I looked like I was struggling, it would take away from all the amazing dancers that make DNA come to life, so I just tried to give y’all my best :)

All your music videos including “Underneath” and “Let You Decide” puts forth engaging visual narratives. What does dance means to you?

Dance was the first form of art I began expressing myself in. It’s something that is more inside of me than I realize sometimes. I wouldn’t have chosen any other path of life. I think it gives me a slight edge over some other artists due to the fact that people are able to “see” my music too, and not just heard.

We read that Michael Jackson and Usher are your inspirations. Please tell us a bit about it.

It’s in the way they capture an audience. Looking so polished, yet relatable, sharp, but so carefree. I know I possess some of these same qualities which is why I’m excited for the stages to get bigger so that I can showcase what I bring to the table as a performer while paying my respects to the greats before me.

Would you like to share with us your future projects or endeavors?

  • An E.P will be released late summer/fall.
  • Finishing out the Euphoric Experience Tour with my homies Forever in Your Mind
  • More collaborations with different artists/ DJ’s from different parts of the world

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