EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Franko Fraize

Franko Fraize is back with his brand new single ‘Let It Go’. The nostalgic dance inspired track has been lifted off the rappers forthcoming EP ‘Lights and Colour’ which is due to drop this Autumn.

Here we speak exclusively to Franko Fraize to discuss his new music, future plans, musical inspirations and more:

Growing up who inspired your love of music? 
I’d say first and foremost it was my Dad. Not cos he was a musician or anything. He just introduced me to a lot of music and artists that have influenced my life and music in one way or another. There was always music playing in the house and looking back it was big characters and artists like The Jam, The Clash, Billy Bragg. When Channel U came about it had a massive impact on me. I was seeing people rap in their own accents and be English on the videos and it proper made me sit up and take notice. Looking back it was the time when Grime first came about.  
Who would you say your overall musical influences are? 
The direct influences on me and my music have got to be Skinnyman, Wiley and The Streets. What they did by rapping in their own accents and talking about the life outside my front door was a real inspiration to me. It made me want to pick up the mic and tell my story and the story of the people round my town. I’d say recently Macklemore has been a real inspiration. The content he has in his lyrics plus the way he performs his music with a live band and that.  
How would you describe the overall vibe of your own music? 
It’s a difficult one because there is loads of different influences and genres chucked in.  I don’t really sit in one box or category. Rap is what is consistent through the whole thing so I’d say its definitely British Rap but I take influence from Grime, Indie, Ska, Drum and Bass and Garage. This has been a slight hindrance in the past cos initially people hear my music and like it but can’t put it into a box to play on a radio station or to easily put it into a support slot for example. I’m finding now a days though I’ve made enough noise making my own sort of sound that people are really starting to back it because of how eclectic it is. 
What inspired your new single ‘Let It Go’? 
‘Let It Go’ was a nod to the 90s rave culture. That is something that has influenced me massively. From the music, through to the clothing and even the love and energy everyone had for the music and the scene they were a part of. Lyrically the track is about just enjoying life through the highs and lows. Tone is the feature and producer. Tone is one of my best mates from an early age so the whole track came about naturally. We wanted to write a track we can perform live and have everyone rave out with a smile on their face. 
What do you hope fans take from the track? 
I think it fits perfectly with this belting sunshine we are having! I’m hoping people just belt it out loud and proud in their cars and that and it soundtracks this crazy summer. To be honest it seems to be doing just that. It’s getting a mad reaction so far and I’m proper grateful for it.
Can we expect an album from you soon? 
Yeah in 2019 without doubt. I’ve been doing music for a little while now and building the fanbase and the support online and at radio and that. I’ve also worked with a lot of different people in the industry. I’ve got to the point where I’m about to release my first proper body of work for ages. It’s an EP that comes out in Oct. I’ve managed to get a proper good little team around me and feel very confident in the people I’m working with. I’m hoping to keep this team around me and get some more tunes behind me then roll out an album I can be very proud of next year. 
Do you have any touring plans lined up? 
Touring is something I love. The live aspect is definitely a big part of what I do. I’m talking to people about shows at the moment and putting a small run of dates together in Nov to coincide with the EP. I’m then planning on getting involved with a few festivals next year and having a proper run of dates up and down the UK next year.
What are your long term career goals? 
I feel like I’ve ticked off so many already that It makes me feel so blessed! I’ve met people and seen things I never thought I really would. I ain’t finished yet though. I’d like to put out an album that gets held in high regard. I’d like to solidify enough of a fan base to be able to headline a tour at decent venues like 02 academies. I was lucky enough to play these as a tour support and would love to see the day I could headline them. Being a headliner of the big festivals would be a dream come true also. I’d also love to get to the place where music can buy my house outright.
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