Exclusive: Interview with Jax
By Cortney Armitage

Exclusive: Interview with Jax

Jax may be only twenty years old, but she’s a fighter in both the music world and everyday life. Since she was a kid she fell in love with performing, writing, and singing. Basically anything the music industry had to offer!

Her strong passion for music is what lead her to being the star that she became on Season 14 of American Idol, leaving a mark worldwide and gaining the Jax Pack (her fans.) Ready to take her singing career to the next level, she was sidelined with a diagnosis of thyroid cancer. That’s when the fighter in Jax showed up as always. Since then, she’s had her thyroid removed and can 100% focus on what she’s loved since she was a child.

With her new EP titled Funny, our review can be seen here, listeners can expect a wide range of emotion, one being the fighter in Jax mentioned above. That’s clearly where the EP got that bad-ass girl power vibe that we love so much.

According to Jax, she doesn’t know how she would get through life without writing. She jokingly mentioned how she’d probably be in an asylum if she didn’t have a piano or something.

“I feel more at home onstage than I do in my own room sometimes and there’s nothing more exciting than for people be able to hear my story and be on the journey with me,” says Jax. “There’s nothing quite like connecting to the fans and watching them literally preach the lyrics that you wrote; it’s an amazing feeling that I really couldn’t even describe it if I tried.”

We got the chance to speak to Jax and talk about her new EP Funny, her style, touring, her dream collaborations, and more. Check out our chat below.

What or who inspired you to become a singer and songwriter?

Jax: I’ve always been entertaining since I was a baby, doing musical theater and everything like that, but I always knew I wanted to sing. I didn’t shuttup from the day I was born. Then I realized that I loved to write and I got a little keyboard when I was around six or seven years old. I then learned to play by ear. I started writing songs and joined rock bands eventually, but then figured it was time to learn to be independent and not rely on bands and musicians to create. I learned how to use the piano as a tool to write, and now I’m here.

When do you feel most inspired to sit down and write a song? All your songs have such detailed meanings to them.

JaxI feel most inspired to write when I’m feeling any kind of deep emotion, whether it be super in love or heartbreak. Anything I’m going through at the time.

When singing live you performed a few songs you’ve never sung before. Why didn’t those end up on the EP?

JaxBecause the EP can only fit six songs (she said jokingly.) It was literally like cutting out children when I chose songs for it. I’ve written so much since last year. Everyone was like, “no this one brings this to the table, and this one brings this to the table.” But I like to play them live when I can. Once I hit seven songs it technically becomes an LP. Maybe after the EP release I’ll come out with songs to do new singles.

Out of all the songs on the EP, why’d you choose “Funny” as the title of the EP?

JaxI think that “Funny” pretty much captures the dramatic sarcastic overtone that the whole EP has. “Funny” was basically the emotional vibe of the EP. As a songwriter a lot of it was lyrically Alanis Morissette inspired. I think that “Funny” is kind of the clever track of the EP, written with some amazing writers like Nick Marsh. I wrote it out in LA, and when we named the song I was like “it’s such a perfect name for the EP.” I really love the song, it makes me excited to share with people. I worked hard on it so I’m really proud of it.

In the future, who would you want to collaborate with on a track and why?

Jax: I think Jon Bellion because he’s amazing. I’ve always idolized him even before he was well known. I heard of him in the singer/songwriter community through BMI. I was always the Jon Bellion fan girl. He’s an incredible writer. Right now in the scene of writers it’s between him and Sia as my dream collaboration. He knows how to make a completely new sound but also somehow makes it mainstream while still making it electronic and really cool. He’s such a musical person. He’s a brilliant writer and producer.

Do you plan to headline a tour with this EP?

JaxOh I don’t know. I’d have to get you on the phone with my manager! After the EP comes out we’ll know more. So hopefully! It’s my favorite thing.

I love your style and you currently did the Gypsy Warrior x Jax line for Gypsy Warrior, would you ever do your own clothing line?

JaxOh my gosh I don’t know if I can handle my own clothing line. Gypsy warrior is so inspirational to me, but I’m really not a fashionista. I’m not even close. On Idol people would ask, “where’d you get your choker from.” I would literally take a shoelace that I took off from one of my running shoes. Maybe one day I’d like to collaborate with someone like Gypsy Warrior. Something for young girls. I love how Gypsy Warrior stands for woman power. They even have a ‘Stevie Nicks For President’ shirt and tons of other cool stuff. They’re so cool, my whole closet is full of their stuff.

Is there anyone in particular who inspires your style?

JaxI’d like to say my mood. A lot of it is 2017, a lot of it is 80’s, a lot of it is 70’s, very Joplin. Everything comes back. It depends on the spirit that I’m in. I like to rip a lot of things up. I’m always in trouble when I come home to my family because I steal my brothers clothes and cut them up. Do you know how many guitar players I’ve stolen Blink-182 and Guns N ‘Roses shirts that I made into crop tops. I could probably open up my own clothing line store just by doing that.

What are some of the most rewarding things a fan has told you when it came to your music? 

JaxWhen I was on tour I went to a children’s hospital and met this girl named Elena who I believe had terminal cancer. She’s five now and was four at the time. We made a connection and I gave her mother my number. I keep her posted on my entire life no matter where I am. I always text her selfies. When “La La Land” came out her mother sent me a video of Elena singing the entire single broadcasting on the radio for the whole hospital, it went to every room.

She was like, “I wanna be a singer like Jax when I grow up.” I think that was the coolest and most rewarding thing a fan has done, it was just beyond. I call her all the time. It was so cool that she sent me a video singing the whole song and had it playing throughout the whole children’s hospital. And she was so quiet too, that’s the crazy part. It was amazing and unbelievable. Probably one of my favorite videos that I’ve ever seen in the entire world.

Jax’s EP Funny comes out January 27th, aka tomorrow! You can pre-order it HERE. You can also get the EP along with select merch bundles HERE.

If you ever need a bit of inspiration or feel alone, just look at what Jax has accomplished. Life isn’t always easy, but if you fight for what you believe in and what you love, anything is possible.

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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