EP Review: Jax - "Funny"

EP Review: Jax – “Funny”

We’ve always loved Jax’s soulful yet edgy voice because it’s what makes her stand out from the rest. Between defeating her battle with thyroid cancer, working on music since winning third place on American Idol, and being involved in the new Gypsy Warrior x Jax clothing line, Jax continues to shine.

For her debut EP Funny, Jax took her voice and lyrics to a new level, and we’re loving it! Within the six tracks on the EP, listeners get a taste of music you can dance to, something calmer and inspiring to listen to, and just overall bad-ass girl power tracks.

The first track off her EP, “Sleep Like A Baby,” starts off with a piano intro of the “Go To Sleep Little Baby” lullaby. Instantly, that sound gives us a cute yet creepy vibe that caught our attention. After the few seconds of the lullaby finishes, a foot tapping beat begins and the fierce girl empowering lyrics come out such as, “Hit your buddy over at TMZ / At least you gotta leak something blonder than me / At least you gotta leak something mama can see / But did your mama ever tell you don’t lie to me.” Listening to the song, apparently this dude is a liar and is able to sleep like a baby after doing something wrong. But it’s all good, she’s over it, and so are we.

Changing the tone from sassy to serious, “Stars” is the second track on the EP that still empowers women, but in a different way. In a recent interview, Jax shared saying how writing the song was therapeutic, especially after her battle with thyroid cancer.

“I was in a dark place and it was really cathartic for me to be writing,” she said. “I feel like “Stars” was a turning point in the writing process for everyone. It represented me getting through one of the biggest obstacles of my life.”

We love that Jax added this pop ballad song to her EP, but it’s such a powerful song that shows that anyone can do anything they put their mind to no matter how difficult the situation is. After all, “Stars can’t shine without darkness.”

The third track on the album is an upbeat dance track titled “Kickin’ & Screamin’.” With this song, it seems like Jax is taking the high road after someone ‘blamed her for something they couldn’t handle.’  So what better way to get over someone than to blast this catchy tune and dance without them?  Also, we can’t get over how Jax sings,” Lately it’s like you’ve been taking candy from a baby,” which perfectly and cleverly goes with the title.

The fourth track on the album, “LSD,” is all about the addictions of being in love with someone who may be dangerous to be with. In this memorable slower track backed up by Jax’s breathtaking voice, she sings the “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” inspired The Beatles lyrics, “Like I’m in the sky with diamonds / Crashing down / Catch me now.”

One of the most relatable and heartbreaking lyrics off the whole EP for us has to be when Jax sings, “Don’t you know, you know / You’re everything / Even though you broke everything.” The fact that she’s able to be so vulnerable is what makes this song feel that much more real. When she’s singing, you can hear the raw emotion in her voice.

“Funny” is the fifth track off the EP and one of our personal favorites. Within the song, Jax sassily calls off a guy with lyrics like, “I’m not mad honey, I just find it kind of funny / FU FU FU-nn-y am I in love with you” and “Man that’s sweet how much you love your mom / Maybe she’s the one you’ve been looking for all along.” So if you’ve been trying to find an awesome way to tell a guy f*ck you, this song may help you out.

According to Jax, she doesn’t want anyone to actually hurt someone based on the next strong-minded track titled “Wrong Girl.” With a catchy and haunting sound that reminds us of Corrine Bailey Rae’s “Put Your Records On” during some of the song, Jax sings her heart out about someone messing with her heart with the lyrics, “I am going to / Completely destroy you / You messed with the wrong girl.”

Although all the details of what each and every song is about may not be revealed, Jax still shares everything she’s feeling with her fans. Even the deepest and hardest parts that some people may not want to admit. And that’s what makes Jax and her music so real.

You can pre-order Jax’s Funny EP on iTunes, available January 27th. You can also get the EP along with select merch bundles HERE.

We saw Jax live at Bar 9 in New York City 1/10/17, check some of our photos below:

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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