EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Kinga K

Kinga K is an exciting rising talent from Poland who is now based in Leeds. She has recently released her debut single ‘Easy To Love’ and here we speak exclusively to Kinga K to discuss her new release, UK and Polish music scenes, future plans and more;

Can you talk us through the inspiration behind your debut single ‘Easy To Love’? 
‘Easy To Love’ was written last year. I was thinking of how difficult relationships can be. We are all different . People are not easy to get on with. Not Easy To Love. Sometimes In the relationships people have disagreements. Myself I’m in a relationship with an Englishman so sometimes I can see some cultural differences between us. Not only love relationships, but all the relationships like society relationships , political relationships as well as relationship between countries.They are not easy. It is important to have more compassion and understanding.In this song I’m trying to ask people to be more patient and understanding. In terms of making the relationship work we need to communicate, try to understand each other, accept what we can’t change and love the person as he/she is.Look for the best in each other. Some people prefer to move on to another relationship if something isn’t working. I’m saying that the problems are always there, and they will come back in every relationship. In terms of making the relationship work you need to resolve the problems, talk to each other. Work on and build the relationship that’s what important, it will make it stronger and last longer.  

How excited are you for the fans to finally hear the track? 
‘Easy To Love’ is the most important record of mine so far because of the message behind it.
I think the message is really important and everyone can relate to it. Especially nowadays when we see a lot of intolerance in the world and lack of communication. so I an really looking forward for people listening to it and getting the feedback.     

What do you hope listeners take from the single?
I hope that everyone will be able to relate to it.  Maybe try and think through their own relationships, maybe try to apply some changes if needed. Be more Patient and loving to each other. Overall I hope that people enjoy the sound of the song. Enjoy the music. It is a very catchy tune. 

You’re from Poland but now based in Leeds, how did that move come about?
I have been in England for a 5 years now. I really like U.K. and have made it my new home. It was’nt east to start with I couldn’t speak English very well in the beginning. Didn’t have many friends as I came over completely alone. But my main focus was to achieve my dreams, to become the singer I always wanted to be, I applied to Leeds College of Music which I graduated from last year. Now everything is good, I have loads of friends, I do gigs , have a band. I really enjoy my life in England.  

How do you feel the UK and Polish music scenes differ?
They are similar, I think that English music scene if we are talking about pop music is a bigger and the leading one in Europe.We don’t have as big a pop music industry in Poland. Not many schools for pop singers, that’s why I came for study in England.    

Do you think your background is a major factor in the inspiration behind your work?
When I’m writing the songs I am always trying to write them about my own experience, a certain situation which happened and had an influence on me or about the person who had an influence in my life. I would say that all my inspirations for songwriting is taken from my life so from my background. 

How would you describe your overall sound to new listeners?
My influences are taken from pop music, dance or electronic. Trying to create a modern, dance-electronic sound.. But keeping the songs meaningful at the same time. 

Can we expect an album from you soon?
I’m not planning to write an album anytime soon. Maybe in a couple of years but for now I have a few more singles to release and have started to write an important song with a new producer which I hope to put forward for the Eurovision Song Contest for Poland.

Do you have any touring plans lined up?
I am gigging regularly but I have no tour plans so far, it is something to plan and get funds for so maybe next year.

What are your long term career goals?

Just to keep making my music, and be a voice of a change whenever it is possible through music.
Also I am planning to start a video blog soon about life in England related to the music scene.   

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