EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Lana Lubany

Lana Lubany is an exiting new pop and R&B artist that the world needs to watch out for. With a powerful voice and a charming personality combined with her dance ability she is the complete package that draws the listeners in.

Her music is a  refreshing back-to-basics, yet innovative and visionary style, influenced by the likes of artists Ed Sheeran, Halsey and Ariana Grande, to name a few. Luna was born Born in Jaffa on November 3, 1996, with origins from Nazareth,and started off her career singing in a local multi-national peace choir and playing the piano, before discovering her passion for music and performing. She was quickly singled out as a soloist, and in 2013, she was selected to perform in front of president Obama.

And back in January of last year she released her first single ‘One Of A Kind’ which was very well received by a growing number of fans, and critics. She then began work on her debut EP which is due for release this year. And she is giving fans a taste of what is to come off her debut record with new single ‘Still Love U Call Me’ which will be released on March 23rd.

Here we speak exclusively to Lana Lubany about her new single, upcoming EP, musical inspirations and much, much more;

While growing up who was your main musical inspiration?
Growing up I was obsessed with a Swedish singer called Amy Diamond – I knew all her songs and lyrics and even started singing the songs she sang in Swedish! My other main inspiration growing up would be Demi Lovato. I would imitate her singing a lot when I was younger to the point where people started saying I looked and sounded like her!   

How would you describe your own sound to new listeners?

It’s pretty diverse. I would describe ‘Still Love U Call Me’ as a tropical-summery pop song, but would say future songs are a bit darker and more atmospheric pop songs.  

What is the main inspiration behind your new single?
The name of the song! I thought it sounded cool so I wrote a song around it. 

What do you hope fans take from your new single?
Well first I hope they get to know me through the song a little more. It’s a bitter love song at first listen, and I hope people can relate to it, but it’s also part of a bigger story which will be revealed later on!  

You started your musical journey performing in a local multi-national peace choir and playing the piano, how much have those experiences shaped your career? 
Oh they have made me who I am today, definitely. I started playing the piano first, at age 5 – I remember my teacher was impressed by my underdeveloped-yet-decent musical hearing (which of course gave me confidence), and from there my musicianship just kept improving. When I was 11 I joined the choir and started taking collective voice lessons every week, got lots of stage experience and solos – without the choir I don’t think I would have uncovered my potential and discovered my abilities!  

Do you have any plans to release an album soon?
Yes, I have been working on an EP for almost a year now, and while I’m still finalising things, I plan to release it later this year.

Do you have any touring plans lined up?
Unfortunately not yet! I plan to in the near future though. 

What are your career goals for this year? 
Definitely to dive into the music industry and start building a long lasting career. My primary goal this year is to release my first EP and perform as much as I can. The rest will unravel itself along the way! 

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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