EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Rebecca Ferguson

The X Factor 2010 saw Rebecca Ferguson being crowned the runner up of the series. Fast forward to 2016 and the singer/song-writer has four albums behind her with her fifth entitled ‘Superwoman’ due for release in October. We sat down with Rebecca (who might we say absolutely radiates happiness) for a chat about her new album, breaking the rules and her parenting style.

Hi Rebecca, how are you today?

I’m good, yeah I’m good. Slightly tired because I was dancing randomly  with Goldie Hawn she stage bombed my performance and was dancing with me last night. So it was a bit of a late one last night with Goldie!

You’re leading up to the release of your fourth album ‘Superwoman’, and had your album launch for it last week. How has the response been?

Everyone’s been lovely, it’s been really positive. A lot of the fans seem to be happy that I’m back with my own so, so far so good.

At the launch party, you said that you loved recording ‘Pay For It’ but why was it so much fun to record?

Oh because it’s funny. The song’s like a little bit rude but not overtly rude, it’s basically about like going back to an ex. It’s hard to explain as my brother’s sitting here (Rebecca’s brother Sam was sat alongside her). It’s a rude song but if you listen to it it’s not that rude, it’s like Rebecca Ferguson rude which is not really that rude. But what was funny was writing it with Eg White who’s a proper character and Jonny Latimer and just like the stuff that was coming out. They were like ‘throw that in’ and ‘let’s speak about that!’. It was just a laugh to write and record, a good laugh basically.

Keeping with the recording theme, could you tell us a bit more about the recording process?

Normally I’d turn up tired, babies had me up all night and then we’d just get right into it. Normally the producer would play a few chords on the piano, that’s how it starts and then I’d start writing melodies and lyrics. I’d normally write the first verse and chorus straight away then we’d have a little break. It’s very organic how the album’s written and every song on the album is exactly how I felt that day, I’d only write about what I felt.

How long did the full album process take you?

Just over a year, I think. A year and two months maybe something like that.

Is there a standout track for you on the album? A so-called ‘skip to’ track?

It’s hard because my favourite is ‘Pay For It’ but then it’s ‘Hold Me’ as I’d say is a song that I think is quite classic sounding and I think it’s relatable to everyone in some way. Of just feeling down really, it’s one of those songs when you’re feeling down you can just put on and think ‘someone else understands’.

You work relentlessly with four albums released over the last five years, are you constantly looking forward and working on the next one?

I’ve been writing songs already, I’ve been recording on my iPhone so I’m writing songs all the time. I’m a bit annoying as I’ll be like in promo and like ‘who can I write with? Can I write for that artist?’ so yeah I’m a bit of a workaholic I have to stop myself.

How do you try to relax when you’re not being a workaholic? Especially with you having kids.

I try to get a spa day in, I’ll get someone into mind the kids and just hit the spa!

Could you choose one of your own lyrics to sum up your time in the industry?

That’s a hard one. I don’t know what is it? To sum up my time in the industry. ‘Nothing’s real’. There are so many things here that I could say which would be hilarious.

Sam: What’s real anyway, what’s real anyway? From Fake Smile.

Fake smile, there you go!

Having previously covered artists in the past, including Ginnie Blackmore for latest single ‘Bones’ which other artists or songs would you love to cover?

Oh what’s the name of that song? ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ I think Adele’s done it as well. I just think lyrically it’s great, I think it’s so well written and it’s one of those songs I was listening to on Magic and like crying. I don’t even love anyone but it makes me really emotional.

So could we expect to see a cover of it popping up online anytime soon?

I don’t know because it’s been done by another artist quite recently but maybe in like five years or so.

If you add your own touch to it, then everyone will forget about someone else doing it recently and everyone would love it

I could jazz it up a bit yeah, we’ll see.

Who’s the biggest superwoman you know and why?

Me mum probably. Because she’s had such a tough life but she just battles through and she taught her kids or I like to think, to be kind and respectful and I just think she’s an amazing woman.

We definitely agree with you there; mums always seem to be everyone’s superwoman!

It’s just gotta be, they’re great.

You’re a mum yourself but juggle that along with touring, promoting and recording have you had any struggles with the time management of such a busy schedule?

I’m so Jamaican with my timing, I am I’m like see you Tuesday when I’m meant to be there Monday. I’m quite chilled like I’m really overly chilled. If I’ve got a gig, I’ll buy a dress an hour before the gig, like I’m that mad. So yeah I have had time issues more to the stress of Sam and others! But I’m always completely Jamaican about everything, so I’m just chilled and relax.

Sam: People ring me asking if you can do something, but all I can say is that I can say that to you but it’s not me who has to do it it’s you.

I’m quite chilled, life’s too short to be stressed.

Are you that chilled at home with your kids or are you the total opposite?

Well in some ways I’m quite strict, with manners I’m strict. Manners I’m really strict on actually but I’m quite a child mum and can’t say no you’s get into bed then I’ll get into bed with them and we’ll be giggling til like twelve o’clock at night. So yeah I’m like quite chilled.

Are your kids fans of your music then?

They are but Karl can be a bit selective, he’s the most honest I think. Lillie loves it on the sly doesn’t she Sam? She’s like number one mum fan. She’s like silently a mega fan of Fergo. Then Karl is like ‘mum I don’t like that it’s crap turn it off’ but some songs he’ll like so it’s alright.

So you’ve got your own live in critic by the sounds of it then?

Yeah, he’s funny because he’ll go ‘Did you write that? No you didn’t!’ then you know that he likes it. Because he goes ‘no you didn’t’!

Could you sum up ‘Superwoman’ in 5 words to give fans an idea of what to expect?

I’d say it is, okay it’s emotive, powerful, upbeat, positive and honest.

You’re heading out on tour in support of the album, what can fans expect from the shows?

A good laugh, that’s my new motto for touring now is to just go out and have fun. People should come to the show and just forget everything, forget all the problems and come and have a good laugh, lots of improvising onstage, dancing, I always get people up on the stage as well so be aware of that. I literally had like most of the Echo Arena on stage with me at one point, the security was so fuming.

Sam: It wasn’t the security it was the tour company

I was just dragging them up, there weren’t that many steps!

Sam: The tour company was backstage freaking out going ‘We’re not insured for this, we’re not insured!’

We were all just getting selfies onstage, it was hilarious. It was a good night that!

Sam: Maybe get some more insurance this year…

The fans will no doubt always remember that show and how special it was thought

Yeah, nothing bad went wrong so there’s no harm.

What is the goal for 2017?

To be the best version of myself that I can be

Thank you for chatting with us Rebecca, good luck with the album and tour!

Superwoman is due for release on October 14th, but keep your eyes on CelebMix for a review of the release if you need some more reasons to grab yourself a copy. Rebecca will then be heading out on her Superwoman tour which starts in Llandudno on October 23rd and ends in Leicester on November 15th. For more information and all the tour information head here.

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Written by Nicola Craig

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