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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Savvy and Mandy!

Get ready for a great year of music – your favourite country pop duo, Savvy and Mandy are making their return to releasing music this year! Since their early start in the industry, they’ve grown through so many milestones and accomplishments. Today, they are the first artists to have their own radio show on Radio Disney Country, have toured nationally, and are getting ready to release more new music!

Savvy and Mandy chatted about their return to releasing music, their radio show, and some inspiring women in their lives.

In three words, how would you describe your musical journey so far?

Fun, gratifying, grateful!

What made you want to start releasing original music again?

For the past few months, we have been working hard on our upcoming EP with our friends Tyler Shamy and Fabio Angelini. We have never felt more confident in a project before and right now feels like the right time to be releasing it. These songs perfectly represent us and our sound, especially our new single “Wildfire”. We can’t wait to share these songs with the world.

From the last time you were regularly releasing music to today, how much do you think you’ve grown and changed as people and artists?

We have grown in many different ways. We have been in this industry since we were 9 and 11-years old. We have literally grown up in it, and throughout our entire childhood, we would take every opportunity we could get to learn more about our passion. From performing to writing a song, to learning how to play guitar. It’s crazy to see the changes from then until now. We have never stopped working on our music and ourselves. We are confident in the artists we have become and we will never stop growing and learning more.

After moving back to LA, you were offered your own radio show on Radio Disney Country! How did it feel to be the first artists to have your own show on the channel?

It feels amazing! We are so thankful for the opportunity! Radio Disney Country is like one big family and it’s wonderful that they wanted us to be apart of it. It has been so much fun learning the ropes and creating the show. It’s totally different than anything we have ever done before, and that’s really exciting for us!

Of all the weekly radio shows you’ve done, do either of you have a favorite week you’ve had on the show?

One of our favorites was when we got to interview the man, the myth, the legend, Darius Rucker. We have always loved him and his music, so when they told us we were going to interview him, we secretly freaked out. It was one of the first interviews we ever did, so leading up to it we were a little nervous because we didn’t know what to expect. But when he walked into the room, he immediately put us at ease. He is so kind and outgoing, it’s no wonder he is the legend he is today. He shared so many wonderful stories about his career with us and talked a lot about his personal life too. It felt like we were having a normal conversation with a longtime friend. That was definitely a cool moment that we’ve had through our show.

Your single, “Wildfire” promotes strong and confident women. Who are some strong and confident women who have inspired you in your life?

Of course, our mother. She is such a strong role model and has sacrificed so much throughout her life. We are grateful we had her to look up to growing up to show us what a strong woman looks like. The lessons she has taught us are irreplaceable. Our other sister, Christina, is another one of our role models. She is such an amazing mother and overall amazing person. She is so wonderfully caring towards everyone, and that’s a quality we really admire.

You’re getting ready to release an EP this year, and we’re so excited to hear it! What should we expect from the EP?

We are SO excited for you to hear it! We wanted this EP to be well-rounded, so it has a little something for everyone, all the while being completely true to us and the sound we love. Every song is a story we wanted to tell, so we hope people will be able to relate to the songs and put their own story into it.

What was the most challenging aspect of putting together this EP?

This is going to sound cheesy, but I can’t really think of a challenge we had to face while creating this EP. We created it with our good friends and it was nothing but fun and laughs the entire time. Going into each session, we had a clear plan of what we wanted to accomplish that day and we all worked on it together as a team. We are all very open to new ideas and suggestions, so there wasn’t any creative conflict between us. It was an absolute blast creating it with them!

What has been the most rewarding part of your career so far?

The most rewarding part has been being able to meet so many amazing people and being able to travel. Our number one favorite thing to do is perform. We love putting on a show and meeting everyone afterward. That is so much fun to us, so the fact that we’ve been able to go on tour and live out our dream has been incredible. We can’t picture ourselves doing anything else.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

We just want to say thank you. Y’all have been absolutely amazing to us and we appreciate everything that you do. We don’t know where we would be without you and your support! You guys rock. We love you.

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Written by Kath Jiang

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