Exclusive: Interview with Simon On The Moon

Good work of art first grabs the attention for the impact it has on the recipient and then motivates people to learn more about the artist.

Aiming to become the king of emo-funk, Simon On The Moon has been mesmerizing the audience with his music. A one-man act, this Swedish artist loves to keep things minimal while creating his art, which resonates when one listens to the laid back tunes of his popular tracks, “topped by whispery falsetto” (as described by one of the music critics).

Catered to the music lovers by independent channels on YouTube, Simon On The Moon is steadily making his way into people’s playlists.

CelebMix got a chance to talk to the artist about his journey, creative process, and his new song “Lied 2 U”. With tracks that have topped Global Music Charts, we are sure that his new track too will amass a positive response.

Check out the interview below:

Please tell our readers a bit about yourself.

I’m Simon, a young man from Sweden who’s been doing music a good while. I grew up with my family and some animals in the woods. If I wasn’t doing music I would be a gardener, a professional boxer or in a coffin in some graveyard.

Is there a story behind the name?

Hmm not really, but, when we split up the band I was in a few years ago I knew that my next project would be a solo one. So there might’ve been some cheesy analogy in the back of my mind about being on my own like “the man on the moon”, doing whatever I wanted to do my way. But mostly I just thought it sounded funny, and super cool!

You are both a singer as well as a producer. Do you think that taking up roles beyond the “performance” part expand the horizon of understanding art? We would like to understand your perception for music as an art as well as a professional endeavour.

I think it definitely does. To me the craft is the most thrilling part about music, design or anything creative. The end result is some sort of reward, but the way there is the most interesting. Initially it was the feeling and the energy from being on stage or in a small rehearsal space with my friends, that got me addicted to doing music. But pretty quickly my restless curiosity got a hold and I simply had to know, needed to know, how the process of making a great record went. I still kind of don’t know, which I like. 

I don’t think you should see music as a professional endeavour. You can easily get “lost in the sauce” if you do. To me the best music comes from honesty and curiosity. 

We listened to “Hooked” and “Milk” and loved the raw touch your songs carry. Please tell us about the creative process you follow for your songs.

Tack!!! When recording I like to be limited, i had a bunch of stuff, fancy vintage preamps and shit from eBay. But I got rid of it because I like the boundaries of it, and I had to pay rent… Now I basically have one guitar and a mic. I record a lot on iPhone aswell. I like walking around the city with my phone recording everything. 

The writing process varies a lot. It can be a lyric, a sound, a chord or whatever that gives me a certain feeling. I’ve got a lot to say lyrically, but usually, lyrics comes second though. They’re AS important as melodies and sounds, but they come second most of the time. I think of the melody and production as a boat that carries a good lyric, across the never-ending river of mediocre shit. 

On YouTube, we saw multiple channels catering to their audience with your song “Hooked”. What has been your reaction to the listeners’ response?

Amazing! I mean, not to be to Swedish, but it’s still sort of mind blowing that anybody even listens to my music haha. I sometimes imagine having songs out in cyberspace is a bit like being on a reality show. You’re up for judgement and its out of your control. It’s exciting.

Congratulations for “Lied 2 U”. Please tell our readers about the song.

Thanks! “Lied 2 U” is one of those songs that just came right out. Me and a friend stayed in a depressing place in LA one night and watched an old clip of Pharell and Justin Timberlake writing “rock your body”. And like when you’re a kid and pretend you’re different soccer-teams. Like “I’m Italy” and the other one goes “Shut up, I’m Italy! You’re Norway!!” etc. I pretended to be Justin and he Pharell.

“Milk” and “Lied 2 U” have provided us with a glimpse into the EP but we would like to learn more about your EP.

The EP is like an album or a movie to me. Its has a dramaturgy and a meaning through out. Its pretty dark, not on the surface but if you dig deep. I wanted it to sound like Max Martin made the music for an Ingemar Bergman movie or something. Its what I want to say and what I would want to listen to right now! 

How has it been working with Jarami?

Amazing. We’ve known each other for quite a while and I’ve learned a lot from them. Working only on your own can turn a bit myopic sometimes. Having two more sets of ears that I truly trust really brings more inspiration.

Would you like to share with us your future projects or endeavors?

I’m going to release a lot more music this year. And some more visuals, I might have a video coming… Something might happen on a stage. Keep an eye out is all I can say for now. 

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