Exclusive: Interview With Singer-Songwriter Hunter DeBlanc

CelebMix recently had the amazing opportunity to interview Hunter DeBlanc, who has just released amazing singles including Sydney and Tides.

Hi, Hunter! Would you please introduce yourself to the readers of CelebMix?

Hello CelebMix people. I’m Hunter DeBlanc, a singer-songwriter from Louisiana. 

What genre do you consider your music to be?

I guess the term I’ve been most comfortable with as of lately are “indie-pop” or “alternative pop”, so I’d say either one of those. 

Who and what is the biggest influence in music to you, Hunter?

So my biggest music influence is Andrew McMahon. He’s fronted some bands from my younger days, and now has a very successful solo career. 

We’ve listened to all your songs, and we wanted to know if you write your own lyrics? And if so, what is your favourite song or / and favourite lyrics you’ve written?

I do write my own lyrics. Most of the time when I go to a studio with a song, at least half of the song is already written. And in terms of my favorite song that I’ve released so far, I’d have to say it’s a tie between Sydney and Tides thus far.. (but my new ones are always my favorites.)

Is there any specific reason or event that made you decide to start making music?

I’ve always been very passionate about music, so it only felt natural when I started using the song writing process as an outlet to express myself. Making music is very therapeutic and rewarding for me. 

What do you hope to achieve, be it in music or having fun in life?

I just want to be able to travel the world and play music for people. It’s a gift that immediately gives back. There’s nothing like the feeling of connecting with a crowd through music, and if I could do that for the rest of my life, I think that sounds pretty fulfilling to me. 

We checked Bandsintown and it says that you have no upcoming events. Are you planning on putting out shows in the near future?

In the midst of trying to get my first tour off the ground, but it’s hard to get the logistics down when I’m just one person. I sure could use a team right about now.

Where or which countries do you hope to perform at?

I’m hoping to get back to Australia as soon as possible, but I also want to see all of the states on tour. Even if it’s just yellow-lines and concrete between venues—I want to go on tour—anywhere and everywhere. 

How does it feel to be compared to amazing artists like The 1975?

It feels good to be compared to anyone, especially modern bands that are as hugely successful as The 1975. Their music has been an inspiration to me during the last few studio sessions. 

Your latest single, Sydney, which you even have an official lyric video for, has been receiving a lot of attention and positive reviews. How do you feel about that? 

The amount of positive response from this song has been amazing. I never imagined so many people would be enjoying a song that I made. It’s a pretty amazing feeling. 

What do you think the reason is for Sydney to stand out the most, comparing to other tracks you’ve released (which are equally as amazing)?

I think it’s the story behind the song that people connect to. Songs like Tides and some of my others could be interpreted a number of different ways, but Sydney is pretty cut and dry in terms of lyrical content. It’s hard to misinterpret what it’s about. Ultimately, it’s a song about being far away from someone you care about, and wanting to be with them / escape with them / run away with them. I think that’s a feeling a majority of people can relate to, yeah? 

We have one very important question, Hunter. When do you plan on releasing new tracks? Only because we’ve listened to everything you’ve released and need more of your sounds.

Very soon. Just waiting on a few album arts to be completed, and I’ll be releasing new stuff ASAP. 

Do you have other plans for the future?

I hope to release a full length LP in the early 2019, and fingers crossed eternally for a tour soon. 

Even your lyric videos are so aesthetically pleasing. How did you get the beautiful footage filmed because we were in awe the first few times we watched the videos.

So I performed out on cruise ships for a while, and a lot of my friends were photographers on board. They had access to drones and whatnot, and there was no shortage of beautiful scenery out there on the cruise ships. So I have them to thank immensely for the footage. 

Are you interested in filming, too?

Absolutely. I edit all of my own videos, and I feel somewhat comfortable behind the lens as well. I’ve been considering filming my own music videos, but I don’t know the first thing about how to actually use the camera. Maybe someday. 

Please use three words to describe your music?

Catchy. Nostalgic. Passionate 

And now three words to describe yourself?

Catchy. Nostalgic. Passionate 

Hunter, is there anything you’d like to add?

Thanks for listening, and be sure to check out all my tunes.

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Written by Ariana Khoo

@moonchildontcry on twitter | malaysian student who loves ed sheeran, bts, got7 and ateez.