Exclusive Interview|Nathan Arenas talks about his role as Jorge in “Bunk’D”

Nathan Arenas booked “Bunk’D” in a single audition. Created by Panela Eells O’Connell, Bunk’D is a spinoff of “Jessie”. The show follows the Ross Kids and their adventures at Camp Kikiwaka in Maine, a place where their parents met as teenagers.

Arenas stars in the show as Jorge, an energetic camper whose distinctiveness comes from his propensity to lie. But he has a compassionate side and a dark past that adds context to his behaviour and character development in the show.

In an interview with CelebMix, we talked to Nathan Arenas about his role as Jorge, his perception towards his art, and much more. Check out the interview below:

Hi Nathan! Please tell our readers a bit about yourself.

I’m Nathan Arenas, I got my start as Jorge on Disney Channel’s “Bunk’D”!! Not only am I an actor but I also enjoy doing photography, magic, and playing instruments!

From the interviews that we have read, we learned about your fascination for art and magic. We would love to learn how you perceive the things you love.

I don’t see anything as a job or hobby, I see them as simply things that I do. I love anything that is involved in with the arts! 

Do you have a general creative process/routine that you go through to prepare yourself for the roles?

I’ll sometimes get coached if I really need to but most of the time I’ll just run lines at home. I will occasionally try to find some inspiration from other people for specific characters.

In one of your interviews, you said that you like comedy because it helps bring joy to people. Has there been a highlighting moment when you have felt utterly proud on yourself for bringing someone joy?

Yes that has happened! Mostly with my little sister because she’s hard to impress hahaha!! 

How did you feel when you got to know that you have made through your first audition for Bunk’D?

I was OVER THE MOON when I found out I got the role!! It was amazing that I had booked something so big on the first audition!! 

Bunk’D received a positive response from the viewers. How has been your experience of working on the show?

It was a really fun experience! I’m so happy I got to work with such an amazing cast!! 

What has been your favourite moment from the show?

I have many favourite moments from Bunk’D! One of them is the first day, to walk on the set for the very first time!!

What other projects are you working on?

I’m working on a few animated shows at the moment. There is one project I can’t talk about at all though!! 

We also learned about your philanthropic projects including the campaign for bullying. Please tell our readers a bit about the campaigns you are involved in and the causes you would like to take up in the head future.

I really like going and supporting the non bullying campaigns because I was in a bad situation at school and I connect and talk with the people that go. 

Would you like to share with us your future projects or endeavours?

I have a film I’ve been working on but also can’t talk too much about it! You can find out about it on my handle @thenathanarenas.

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