EXCLUSIVE: JLiNE Releases Official “Too Much” Music Video

If you’re looking for some new music to help with the transition into March then we have you covered with our latest exclusive which comes from singer, songwriter, and Electro-pop music front-runner, JLiNE. If you haven’t heard of him yet then we are very excited to be able to introduce him to you as your new obsession because trust us, after watching his latest music video, that is definitely what he is going to become.

JLiNE has it all. From the looks to the personality to the talent, it is clear that he is a true star who is well on his way to taking over the world. He has already worked with famed producers Electro-point and Noisecastle III (JoJo and Daya) on his latest EP, “EPisode 1,” as well as becoming a respected choreographer, and a keen social activist who has previously visited over one-hundred schools and universities nationwide in a bid to share his positive message of tolerance and redemption.

These days it is difficult to find artists who not only genuinely love what they do, but who also go so far out of their way to show their appreciation for those who have supported them and helped them to get them to where they are now. JLiNE is one of those artists though, he is one of the rare few who truly deserves to go from one success to another in the music industry. He is one in a million, and he is one to watch!

His unique sound is refreshing, combining electronic beats with pop melodies and lyrics which he pulls straight from his heart. His music is seriously good, but don’t just take our word for it! Both VH1 and MTV have put his songs on heavy rotation in the past, as well as several other media outlets around the country who also can’t seem to get enough of his talent and effortless charm.

The music video for his newest single, “Too Much,” definitely carries on the trend. It is an 80’s inspired and heavily choreographed video which is sure to get your feet tapping in no time. It is upbeat, full of life, and totally smile-inducing so basically it is classic JLiNE and we absolutely love it.

You can check out the full music video right here, exclusively on CelebMix:

Anddddd… Replay!

We recently got the chance to ask JLiNE about the music video and he told us, “from the first shot we did that day, I knew this video was going to be over the top. The vision for it was to create a visual that was too much of the 80’s. Too many colours, too many special effects, and too much dancing. The director and I both saw it as an assault on the senses – but in a good way!”

He then added that, “the song talks about the insecurity we feel when we think that we’re too much for someone else to love and I think the video plays on that idea. I hope people have a huge smile on their face the entire time they watch the video.”

If you love, “Too Much,” as much as we do and if you want to hear more amazing music from JLiNE then make sure you buy his latest EP, EPisode 1, on iTunes now. Just click here to purchase a copy, and then you can bop along to your heart’s content.

You can also keep up with everything JLiNE by visiting his official website, here… You won’t regret it!

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Written by Zoe Adams

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