EXCLUSIVE: Lennon Stella Talks Nashville, Solo Career, and Life Lessons

Aged just 19, Lennon Stella is already one of the most successful and talked about artists of our generation. She first rose to fame aged 12 when she won the role of Maddie Conrad in the hit US drama Nashville. Stella played a major part in the shows success and grew up on the music series.

The drama came to an end earlier this year after six successful seasons, playing a hugely pivotal role of the rise of UK Country, Nashville paved the way for many homegrown acts such as Ward Thomas, The Shires, Catherine McGrath and its very own Sam Palladio who portrayed Gunnar Scott.

Now, Lennon Stella has become the breakout star of 2018 releasing a string of hit singles including ‘Bad’, ‘Like Everybody Else’ and most recently ‘Breakaway’.

Her stunning vocal range and lyrical honesty has taken the world by storm and she was enlisted by Jonas Blue to be a part of his massive hit ‘Polaroid’ alongside Liam Payne.

Here we speak exclusively to Lennon to discuss her Nashville experience, solo career and life lessons:

 It has been several months since Nashville came to an end, how do you feel the show helped shape you as an artist?   

Being on Nashville from ages 12-18 shaped me as a human and as an artist in so many ways. As an artist, I think playing the role of “Maddie,” who is extremely passionate and will stop at nothing to get what she wants, encouraged me to embrace that part of me and have it be a tool to get me where I want to be. Also the music on the show and the making of the music was just so so inspiring all around. 

During your time on the show your character Maddie went through many tough periods and grew season to season, how much can you relate to her journey?  

I can relate to Maddie in most ways. I grew with her since I was 12, which is so wild, but I was really going through a lot of the same changes in my life and the process of finding myself and being a teenager. 

Since Nashville ended you have launched your solo career, how much fun are you having releasing your own music into the world?  

I CAN’T EVEN TELL YOU IN WORDS. I am on cloud 9. It’s all flowing so naturally and feels so right. I am a happy camper. 


You have shared a number of tracks so far including ‘Bad’ and most recently ‘Breakaway’, what is the story behind these songs?  

Oh man, they’re kind of hard to sum up…  but “Bad” is about a guy I was talking to that had a girlfriend the entire time. “Breakaway” is a little bit heavier about a trying time my family was going through as well as what I was going through in my own little world. 

Your music comes from the soul and lyrically you leave your heart open, can we expect more emotionally honest tracks on your debut EP?  

Wow, I love that thank you. Absolutely, I think that’s all I want to make really. I am an extremely open book, just in life and in general, and I feel like it wouldn’t be me if it was any different in my music.

On social media and in your music you’re very open about your personal struggles, what message do you have for anyone who may be struggling? 

My biggest fear used to be being alone. It was crippling. I think getting over that and being comfortable in my solitude and actually loving being alone is the biggest thing that helps me. It’s so important to be able to sit alone with yourself and know what you want and not what other people want you to want, whatever that may be. Another thing that helps me is really thinking day by day and not allowing myself to be swallowed up by all the things I have to do or want to do. I ask myself every day, “How am I feeling in this moment?” Just taking everything one step at a time. :)  

You have a kindness and openness about you that translates through your music, how do you feel about being an inspiration to many people? 

Thank you so much. Being an inspiration to people is my dream ultimately. Inspiring people to create or feel or say something they’ve been wanting to say is the coolest part about it all to me. 

What do you hope listeners take from your music? 

I ultimately just want to move people and make them feel something. I want to spread honesty and encourage people to be unapologetically themselves. 

When writing new songs, what kind of head-space do you try and get into to tap into inspiration? 

I usually just think, “What am I feeling today?” and then take that feeling and write about it or where it’s rooted from. 

Along with releasing your own singles, you’re also featured on the Liam Payne and Jonas Blue track Polaroid, how did that collab come about?

I actually wrote a song with Romans who co-rote “Polaroid”! That’s kind of how it all started. Then I went to London and recorded my vocals with Liam and Jonas. 

In support of your music you have put together a mini tour in the US which sold out in seconds, how excited are you to be touring your music? 

The most excited. I cannot wait to be able to feel all the energy of everyone and play the songs live.

What can fans expect from the shows? 

The shows are going to be intimate and vibey for sure. I think it’s going to be really special. 

Can your UK fans expect a tour from you soon?  

Yes, yes this will be in the near future for sure.

Looking ahead what else can we expect from you in 2018?

My EP is coming out very soon! I’m so beyond excited. That and the shows will pretty much be taking up the rest of my 2018.

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