Exclusive: Lucy Spraggan Chats About all Things ‘Animal’, Lockdown 3.0 and More

Lucy Spraggan has kicked of 2021 on a strong note releasing her new single ‘Animal’. Today we got to chat to Lucy and ask her all about her latest single ‘Animal’, staying fit during Lockdown 3.0 and a bit about her new album ‘Choices’ that is set to be released next month.

How are you today?

I’m good just getting used to this weather at the moment.

We know, your new album ‘Choices’ will be out next month. What message are you hoping that it will bring to people especially during these times?

Well the message of the album is kind of perseverance. So I guess it flows quite well with, you know, these times at the moment and everybody trying to persevere, try and get through this. Yeah that’s the message for the record.

So thinking forwards to actually releasing the album, what is the anticipation like the day before release day? As we know fans have their side of anticipation for artists release day. What is it like for you as an artist?

I guess, I dunno, it comes out at midnight, so I always try to stay up till at least midnight just to hear what’s being said from the initial bit. It’s almost scary to put how you reel out there, and yeah that’s what i’ll be doing.

We are aware that your new single ‘Animal’ is out now. Explain to the readers a little bit about the meaning behind the song?

Oh thankyou — I just love that it sounds different to anything I have ever done before. So I just love the style of it. I really think the producer did a really amazing job on the song.

If you had to choose a favourite lyric/line from ‘Animal’ what would it be?

The part with all the animals in it:
“Feed me to the lions
Throw me to the wolves
Drop me to the floor”.
I just loved the thought of it.

Of course during this new national Lockdown it is important to keep fit and healthy, we are aware that is what you are really interested in at the moment. What would you say your top 3 tips would be for anyone who wants to start now?

My first tip is, do stuff that you like. Don’t force yourself to do things you don’t like. Second thing is if you are a runner, don’t stop, that’s my key to running, is don’t stop. And number three would just be of you can walk a little bit every day, if you can get outside a bit every day that’s really, really good.

We started 2021 basically being thrown into this new Lockdown. What have you been up to during this new National Lockdown?

I did a lot of working out as you say. I have actually done a bit of experiment with my time recently where I work out twice a day and I keep on top of my social media. I’ve been learning a bit of Bristish Sign Language (BSL) as well. So just trying to learn through it.

Of course, as we all know the Covid vaccine is finally being rolled out. Are you looking forward to being able to tour again?

It’s the thing I look forwards to the most. I literally can’t wait.

What is your favourite thing about touring?

Seeing all the people interacting with people, all around the stage. Just being with other human beings. It’s just what I miss so much.

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to following in your footsteps and go into the music industry?

I would say just keep perseverance, don’t give up and don’t let anyone tell you anything really. I mean just keep your wits about you and believe in yourself.

Thankyou for speaking to us today.

No problem thankyou very much.

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Written by Emily Severn

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