EXCLUSIVE: MOLLYANNA Release Latest Single “Louder”

What do you get when you combine chillingly good vocals with distorted guitars and a gritty overall sound which is reminiscent of bands such as Evanescence and Paramore? You get MOLLYANNA, of course! If you have seen Joseph or Kate Jackson on tour then you might already be familiar with the group but if not, then allow us to introduce them to you along with their newest single, “Louder,” which we are thrilled to be able to premiere right here.

The group have a super unique sound which could be described as raw, dramatic, and compelling, and you only have to listen to a single chorus from one of their songs to realise that this is a group that you definitely need to get on board with. Their heavy sound, energetic performances, and incredible talent are a recipe for success and after winning the award for Best Song at the 2016 SYFN Awards, it is clear that MOLLYANNA are well on their way to becoming one of the most popular names in music. They may all originate from Yorkshire, but if they carry on as they have been then we know it won’t be too long before they are performing for fans all over the world.

Total world domination will have to wait a while though, as MOLLYANNA are currently gearing up to release their newest single, “Louder,” which will officially be released on 18th March. But since we’re just that awesome, we have managed to score an exclusive listen at the upcoming track and we are already so in love with it.


So without further ado, here is your exclusive first listen at Louder by MOLLYANNA:

Surely we can’t be the only ones who played the air guitar through that? “Louder,” is a flawless track which we have really high hopes for. Everything from the effortless vocals to the overall composition of the song is perfect and we are excited to see it grow and hopefully climb the charts.

To celebrate the official release of the track on 18th March, MOLLYANNA have recently announced that they will be playing a special show at a secret location in Sheffield. If you pay £1 at the door of the venue, you will get a free download code for the track as well as the chance to see the group perform it live. You have to sign up to get on the guest list which you can do here but it’s definitely worth it because, “Louder,” is amazing, as you all heard above.

Need a reminder of how amazing it is? Scroll back up and press replay. We won’t judge you. Replay it a hundred times if you need to, we definitely already have!

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Written by Zoe Adams

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