Exclusive Music Video Premiere: Vita Chambers Releases Music Video for “You Should Know”

It all began when Vita Chambers posted a video and four original songs on her MySpace page at the age of 15. She then got signed and with lots of hard work, eventually earned the opportunity to tour with Justin Bieber as one of his opening acts for his My World Tour.

Eleven years later, this Canadian singer/songwriter is making her big return with her new single and music video for “You Should Know.”

Powerful lyrics can pull a listener into the singer’s world and speak directly to the emotions in a way that sometimes words can’t always do. And that’s what “You Should Know” does. When you listen to this seductive pop/R&B breakup track, you’re entering Vita’s world and feeling what she’s feeling.


With lyrics like, “I will always love you enough to let you go,” Vita shows that she wears her wounds boldly, but never loses her poise.

“This has been a labour of love for me. “You Should Know” is a take your power back break-up song,” Vita exclusively shared with CelebMix. “The making of the music video was such a beautiful and creative experience. Every colour, shade and frame filmed was carefully selected. I wanted to make this project completely and authentically me and to share my heart with you. My first single, “You Should Know,” is the first glimpse of the experience I want you to feel in my EP, VITA.”

The star and co-director, Jeffrey Nye, helped Vita with her carefully selected vision for the music video. He suffused the frames with washes of color (colors like red, yellow, black and white, and green) in order to heighten the intensity and deepen the mystery of the track.

Vita also completed this trilogy project with follow-up videos for “Seduce Me” and “Strange Delight,” which can be seen on her YouTube Channel or website once they’re released.

“You Should Know” is featured on her four-song EP, VITA.

Watch the music video for “You Should Know” below:

Here’s a sneak peek of her upcoming video for “Seduce Me”:

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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