EXCLUSIVE: Paul Abrahamian Talks New Single, EP, and more!

Paul Abrahamian has released his new single “Stay,” for his music project Van Alden, off of his second EP, out June 21st.

Abrahamian first came into our lives on “Big Brother” and made a name for himself as one of the best players ever.

His first self-titled EP in 2018 for Van Alden, received great reviews and showed a different side to the 25-year-old. His dreamy voice, passion, and talent made the EP so successful.

Now, Abrahamian is back with new music! He talked to us about what to expect from his music career, if he would return to “Big Brother,” and more

CelebMix: How did you get involved in music/ what started your love for singing?

Paul Abrahamian: I started with the violin at age 8 but quickly ditched that for a guitar a couple of years later. In my young teen years, I pretty much played in garage bands & slowly started to play shows throughout Los Angeles. As I got older, I got some touring experience and began really exploring my artistry/sound. I’ve always loved vocals /lyrics. To me, this is the first thing I focus on when I listen to music. 

CM: How did you come up with the name Van Alden?

PA: I was born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles. My fondest memories of my youth come from the home /little city I grew up in. The street is called Vanalden. I’ve seen that name so much throughout my life that I decided to give it my own twist. 

CM: What can fans expect from this EP?

PA: Fans can expect 4 brand new tracks and a big step in musical direction for this project. We poured countless hours writing & producing this next EP & hope people can feel that. 

CM: What is the meaning behind “Stay?” 

The inspiration for Stay comes from modern-day observations & personal anecdotes. It seems that modern society has found comfort in constant, numbing stimulation. With social media, targeted ads, dating apps, etc. it’s so easy to feel complacent & almost floating through your life, work, & relationships specifically. Losing touch with humanity in the digital age has made it easy to feel misunderstood, defeated, complacent, and numb. “Stay” tells the story of wanting the comfort & familiarity of a relationship, even if there is a consistent cycle of toxic behavior. We keep fueling ourselves with toxic comfort, even though we know it’s bad for us. 

CM: Are there plans to tour after the EP release?

PA: We plan to hit a tour this Summer. Currently looking at NYC, LA, Portland, Seattle, and  Vancouver. (More TBD) 

CM: Who are your inspirations and who would your ideal collaboration or tour mate be?  

PA: I’m not sure if there’s enough room in this interview to list my inspirations, but a few ideal tour collaborations would be with Portugal The Man, Joji, or The Neighbourhood. 

CM: Third time’s the charm. Would you ever go back and play Big Brother again?

PA: It just depends on where I am in life and what the stipulations of the game are. I’ve already played in two scenarios. As long as it’s something new & fresh, I’m always down for a challenge. 

CM: Do you have any advice for staying positive through the bad times and negative comments.

PA: My philosophy is the same about all comments. I don’t put any weight into comments, both good and bad. I just do what makes me happy and pushes me forward in life. However, people choose to feel/interpret that is their burden to live with. Others opinions of you should not worry you. 

CM: What would you like to say to your fans who have supported you through all of this?

PA: For my lovely fans who have been supporting me for years, y’all are seriously so cool. Whether I meet you on the street, or at a show, or even a random comment on social media – I truly feel that you all ‘get’ me and I value that so much. Thanks for always having my back and making me feel understood. I wouldn’t have the mental strength to accomplish my goals without your lovely support.

We are loving “Stay.” If this single sets the mood for the EP, we CANNOT wait to hear it.  Make sure to follow Abrahamian on all social media to keep up with new releases and the EP dropping on June 21st.

“Stay” is now available everywhere.

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Written by Brittany Sims

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