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EXCLUSIVE: Premiere of Crystal Clayton’s New Single ‘Is It Me?’ and EP ‘3:AM’

Today, March 15h, pop artist Crystal Clayton has released her new EP, 3:AM, which the singer says is about appreciating life’s moments because they’re not going to last forever. The lead single, “Is It Me?,” is about one of those moments.

“It’s a moment you never want to leave. Having everything going well in your life, all these new achievements happening, and you have someone there who is sharing it with you,” Crystal says. “You both are on the same wavelength and sharing the adventure together.”

Coming after the release of her self-titled EP in 2016 and her follow-up Too Human, 3:AM marks a new chapter in Crystal’s life, one where is she finding her voice and taking steps to better herself.

“I’ve struggled being a musician with big dreams and aspirations, but I’m also stuck in a place where you can’t go anywhere.” So she decided to do something about it. Crystal took a leap of faith and moved from her home of Kansas City to Los Angeles, which has certainly payed off as her EP, 3:AM, is produced by Bam Keith of The Grammy Museum.

Crystal has been teasing the project since the summer of last year. In July, she shared lyrics of “Is It Just Me?” which included the theme of appreciating life’s moments.

We’re thrilled she chose CelebMix to premiere her new music!

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Written by Michele Mendez

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