Exclusive Premiere: I.L.Y.A releases the music video for his new single “Pour It Out”

Friday has now become synonymous with music. With new artists exploring and disrupting the medium to create their work of art, we get a chance to discover new songs and learn about new perspectives as they share their understanding of the world around them.

Today, in an exclusive premiere with CelebMix, Russian Electronic pop artist I.L.Y.A is releasing the music video for his single “Pour It Out”. The single is part of his new EP “Hybrid” that is set to release on July 19th.

Directed by Madina Akhmedova, the music video comprises of shots from different places in Moscow, depicting multiple influences on the protagonist’s personality. Centred around a city, the song, on one hand, tries to locate its moral compass in a physical location, seemingly conveying an important point- a place makes up a character as much as a character makes up a place.

But on the other hand, the lyrics distance one’s inner conflicts from the hustle bustle of the city. The life goes on, irrespective of what happens to an individual hence, we have got our own back to rescue ourselves from the problems. As the singer requests the listener to clean themselves and pour their sins on him, he seems to be conveying the same message to himself. Emphasising on the power of “letting go”, I.L.Y.A. pulls away from the worldly perspective to share his own.

Musically, “Pour It Out” is enhanced with a minor downbeat arrangement. As a songwriter and producer, I.L.Y.A. brings purposeful lyrics to hooky melodies that make his music addictive.

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Written by Ayushi

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