Armenian-Turkish sister duo LIANA are premiering the music video to their single, ‘Take It All’ right here on CelebMix

If you have a passion for mysterious electronic music with oriental influences, then you need to hear LIANA with their single, ‘Take It All’. LIANA is a musical duo of sisters, Lia and Lena Göçe who write and produce their own music whilst also directing their own music videos. As an independent act, LIANA has managed to release a small catalogue of music along with accompanying music videos. Their latest piece of work being the ‘Take It All’ music video, which we are premiering.

The music video begins with a short prayer displayed, ‘Tanr?m, sana s???n?yorum. Ne olur bana yard?m et’ when translated from Turkish to English it reads, ‘God, I turn to you. Please show me the way.’

The visual for ‘Take It All’ embarks on a passionate love story between two inseparable lovers, but when one decides to go their own way, the other feels lost without them. LIANA explains the song in these words:

‘When you love someone so deeply
When you adore someone that much
That every me becomes every you’

Literally being attached to them with every inch of you. ‘There is no me without you’ and the fear, pain and emptiness of being without this person can make you do things you never thought you would be capable of and that’s exactly what happens in this visual.

‘Take It All’ is the second single to be taken from their upcoming EP of the same name. LIANA previously released the single, ‘Psycho’ earlier this year which will also appear on the same EP. There’s something quite astonishing watching independent artists doing their own thing and doing it all themselves. We can’t wait to see what LIANA come up with next.

You can exclusively watch the music video for ‘Take It All’ below:

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Written by Dominic Beck

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