Exclusive Premiere: Moran unveils the official lyric video for “So Cruel”

Different people use different methods of healing. Sometimes, friends become our source and medium for healing while at other times, our favourite activities provide consolation.

Today, in an exclusive premiere with CelebMix, Moran unveils the official lyric video for “So Cruel”, a single that narrates how she found her solace with music and overcame the pain of a broken heart. The video has been credited with Einat Moscovich who added characters to the words to create an intriguing visual narrative around the single.

Written by Moran and produced by Omer Lempert, the song mixes sensuality with goth, an amalgamation that adds depth to the heart-wrenching tale. Conveniently playing with the mood of the song, Moran showcases her skills as a vocalist and as a listener, we feel the impact. Putting her vocals at fore, Moran’s intense voice, laced with pain, becomes the primary source of the story. Today, when more and more artists rely on instruments to do the magic, Moran shows how her vocal delivery is enough to hook the audience.

Moran has appeared in multiple publications such as Yediot Ahronot, Maariv Lanoar, HOT Bidur as well as singing on an Israeli TV series alongside Avri Gilad. She also had the opportunity to perform alongside famed vocalist Sarit Hadad, a list of achievements that go on to show the kind of future this artist behold.

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Written by Ayushi

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