Exclusive Premiere| MORRISON releases her single “9 Lives”

There is a popular proverb, “A cat has nine lives” which is used to compliment someone who has shown the ability to survive tough situations. The same proverb can be attributed to Megan Morrison, also known by her stage name MORRISON.

Once a part of the punk band “Dorothy’s Surrender”, Megan has now embarked on her solo career. While growing up in Maine and Massachusetts, MORRISON started performing in rock/punk bands and in the process, realized her true calling.

Recognized as “Five Miami Women Artists to Watch on International Women’s Day”, the vocal powerhouse is not just a prolific singer but also a multi-instrumentalist and a terrific dancer. Her last skill led her to guest appearances in music videos by Pitbull and Elvis Crespo and onstage with pop singer Jessie J.

Today, CelebMix premieres a single from MORRISON’s new EP “Appetite for Freedom” which is set to release in Spring 2019.

Titled “9 Lives”, the melancholy single reveals the artist’s troubled past and her ability to overcome fear, loneliness and pain. Inspired by the painful experiences in her past, Morrison finds the strength and freedom to overcome the feelings of fear and loneliness she had battled throughout most of her life.

She says, “I was reflecting on my life one day and the lyrics just started coming to me along with a haunting, melodic melody…I always felt like I was an outsider, standing alone in a crowded room. Now that I’ve overcome that feeling I have new freedom and I’m able to look back on my life and appreciate it for everything that it was. Where I am now is the best place I’ve ever been.”

A follow-up single to “Heart on Fire”, the second track unveils a new chapter in the narrative the album. By providing her listeners with a cathartic medium, MORRISON is not only offering music for leisure but stories that can offer hope to people who might resonate with her.

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Written by Ayushi

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