EXCLUSIVE: Premiere of Sky Renee’s New Single ‘Loveshine’ and Interview

Sky Renee is a super exciting rising talent from Los Angeles, California. She has already been in the recording studio with the legendary Ron Anderson and utilising what she learned from him the skilled artist now self-produces and performs all her own music. This approach has earned her mass critical acclaim and a growing fanbase.

And, now Sky Renee is back with a zappy soul-funk driven single all about the power and struggle of self-love. The new release ‘Loveshine’,  sees the initially relaxed synths align perfectly with a funky guitar and punchy bass. And her unadulterated lyrics are plain and simple, and there’s a real power in that.

There is no miscommunication with her listeners, and the catchy chorus pulls them into her well of positivity. The seamless transition into the chorus from the verse is reminiscent of her hit single “Good as Gone”, but even more succinct and focused sonically.

Here we chat a little to Sky Renee about her latest release and also bring you the exclusive premiere of ‘Loveshine’:

What is the inspiration behind your new single?

I’m extremely inspired by the self love movement. It’s so easy to wake up first thing, look in the mirror and criticize ourselves. I think women especially have been trained that they can always be prettier or thinner, and should always be looking to improve themselves by the media. I’ve been trying to practice being grateful for who I am and this song came out for me almost as a mantra to myself – to remind myself that I should love who I am regardless of if I match others expectations of who I should be. In that love for myself, I can then spread that love to others. 

What do you hope listeners take from the track?

I hope they feel a connection, there is nothing better than knowing that someone is going through similar circumstances and that we all feel the pressures of the social world. Through the messages of the song, I hope to spread a little more love and happiness into the listeners life.

What do you hope to achieve with your latest release?

My goal is to interact with more people and build a community rooted with the foundation of love and empathy for one another. I love people and I hope the song just gives me more opportunity to communicate with others my message and hear their stories.

How would you describe the overall vibe of the song?

I’m a very visual person – so I’d best describe the song as a purple hued retrowave sunrise – a harmony between natural soul and glitch elements – merging old inspiration with a modern sound. A song that will get you moving that you can meditate to.

You can listen to ‘Loveshine’ exclusively here:


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