EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Official Music Video For "Bridges" By Quinn Lewis

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Official Music Video For “Bridges” By Quinn Lewis

Nashville-based artist Quinn Lewis combines smooth electric guitar with moving bass lines, drum machines, and futuristic synths to form his R&B inspired, electro-pop sound.

Born in Australia, he began his music career in his early teens. Starting music early paid off for Quinn because that led to him meeting the multi-instrumentalist, Danen Reed, who helped him launch the production of his upcoming EP, Addicted.

Off of that EP is his latest song “Bridges.” After listening to the catchy tune, we were curious to what the song meant to him.


He exclusively told CelebMix, “I co-wrote “Bridges” with my good friend and backing instrumentalist Danen Reed. I came to him after a personal experience, watching someone we both love very much be hurt by a close friend.”

He continued saying, “That really resonated with me and reminded me of an experience I’ve had too many times. Loving someone or putting in effort towards someone that you didn’t get back and just watching that person slowly burn their bridges with the people that were there for them.”

“The song itself isn’t talking specifically to one person. More so, I’d hope it speaks to anyone who realizes, ‘Hey I’m putting too much into someone who doesn’t care about me,’ and telling them you don’t have to stay for that,” said Quinn.

You can find his EP, Addicted, October 14th on all music platforms.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our exclusive premiere of the music video for “Bridges” below!


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