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R&B songstress Sam Era is premiering her latest single, ‘All I Need’ right here on CelebMix

If you’re not familiar with Sam Era, she is an NYC based R&B artist who has been impressing music critics with her back to back single releases this year all leading up to the release of her debut album, ‘Songs For The Broken Heart’. ‘All I Need’ is the latest serving of singles, following the previous singles, ‘The Worst Thing’ and ‘Nothing Feels The Same’.

It’s not only critics Sam Era has been impressing too, as her singing skills got her an invitation to Polydor Record’s showcase in San Fransico after she garnished attention from posting covers on tumblr at the beginning of her musical career. Era is quite the inspiration for anyone who wants that dream of becoming a singer.

Sam Era’s debut album, ‘Songs For The Broken Heart’ is due to be released independently in January 2019 and is expected to create a storm in the industry. With a handful of singles being treated as a teaser from the upcoming album, we can see why Sam Era is receiving nothing but a mass of critical acclaim for her musical work.

Upon releasing the single, Sam Era has described ‘All I Need’ as,

‘A guilty pleasure song for me.  I wrote it to validate the envious feelings I had about seeing a former relationship partner move on before I did. I think we’ve all been in that place and as unhealthy as it can be, it was a therapeutic process to write it and be able to move on.’

Sam Era’s latest single, ‘All I Need’ can be listened to below:

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