EXCLUSIVE Q&A: Tristan Simpson on YouTube, travelling and ballet

Picking up 18,000 YouTube subscribers in a year, Tristan Simpson is making the most of his online audience. He chats to CelebMix…

Q: Hey Tristan! Thanks for chatting to CelebMix. What are you up to today? 
A: Hey! It’s just a normal weekday for me. I woke up bright and early and headed to ballet. I had my morning ballet class followed by rehearsals and more classes. I got home at around 6 and then did my online-school for the rest of the night. I had a nice dinner and watched some Netflix which is always nice to do at the end of a long day. 

Q: You’ve gained A LOT of subscribers on your YouTube over the past 12-months. What’s it like seeing your audience grow so quickly?
A: It has been such a fun experience and it definitely motivates me even more to be active on YouTube. I love being able to share my many passions with so many people! It really makes me excited to see where YouTube will take me.

Q: Your first video was only a year ago, what made you want to start making YouTube videos?
A: My generation has seen YouTube grow since the beginning and I have been watching it for so long. I thought making videos looked like so much fun and a great way to release my artistic side. I one day questioned myself and wondered why I wasn’t making YouTube videos. From there I started to share the idea with all my friends and they were so supportive and thought that I would be great for it. I am also super outgoing, so putting myself out there isn’t something that is too hard for me. 

Q: Your videos focus a lot on your travels and life as a ballet-dancer. How do you balance YouTube with everything when you’re so busy?
A: I definitely struggle to manage ballet, school, travelling, and YouTube but it gets easier as time goes on. I have learned how to manage my time super well and that helps me so much. I basically never have any free time but that’s fine with me because I really don’t like to rest often.

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Q: From all of your #travelseries, what’s been your favourite destination to vlog in so far?
A: My favourite destination to vlog in so far has been Switzerland. We went to Lausanne, Switzerland with a large group of friends to watch my friend compete at the biggest ballet competition in the world.  It was such a beautiful place and I was with such amazing people. There are also so many trips where I haven’t vlogged just because I want to try to live in the moment sometimes. 

Q: And are there any other cities you’re planning on checking out soon?
A: YES! I am going to Amsterdam in a few weeks and there will be a video or two from that trip. I am also going to Portugal in June which will be so much fun. 

Q: You introduce a lot of people to what life as a ballet dancer is through your channel. Is that something important for you?
A: One of the main goals of my channel is to educate people on the life of a ballet dancer. There are so many misconceptions about the ballet world and people really have no clue how hard it is. People treat ballet as a joke and not a serious career so I try my best to educate them on ballet. With all of that being said I don’t make my videos for ballet dancers and instead make them for everyone. Since the beginning, I have never wanted my YouTube channel to be a “ballet” channel. 

Q: Moving away from home at 15-year-old must have come with its difficulties. What are your strongest memories from that time?
A: Moving away from home at 15 was not easy but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. For me personally, I am super independent and I always have been so my experience was much easier than other peoples’. My strongest memory from that time was just the amount of new things I was learning. I was learning so much about myself, ballet, and just life in general.

Q: You’re based in Germany now. How are you finding living in Europe?
A: I love living in Europe! It feels like home to me and it feels like I am meant to be here. My favorite thing is being able to travel so often and so quickly. I like living in Germany although I do sometimes wish I lived in a different European country. 

Q: When you’re not behind the camera, which other YouTubers do you enjoy watching? 
A: There are so many! Luna Montana is one of my good friends and she really inspired me to start YouTube. Some of my other favorites are Damon and Jo, Cartia Mallan, Indy Blue, Cat Creature, and Shane Dawson.

Q: Thanks, Tristan. Finally, what have you got planned for your YouTube channel for the rest of this year?
A: I have so many new and exciting things planned! First off I am going to start uploading way more often and consistently. I am also going to start talking about more topics like skincare and fashion. Lastly, I want to start working with companies that I love and try to promote some of the things I love using. Thank you so much for doing this Q&A with me!

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Written by Toby Bryant

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