Ryan Lafferty

EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Lafferty Releases Official “Church Boy” Music Video

Singer Ryan Lafferty was just twenty-five years old when he moved to Nashville, crooked teeth and all. In a bid to achieve the perfect smile he had always wanted, he had to wear a weird contraption for a few months which made it practically impossible for him to live out his dream as a singer. He had always loved music so he was devastated when he couldn’t fulfill his biggest dream and he was dealt another blow when he was forced to get a job at UPS, which left him with very little time to write and sing the music that was on his heart.

But with a winning combination of unbelievable talent and sheer determination, Ryan has manged to turn it all around. Now that his teeth are straight and he no longer works for UPS, the blue-collar singer and producer is able to dedicate his life to music. These days his music is his story and he wants to sing it to everyone who will listen… And his latest single, “Church Boy,” is definitely something that you need to listen to!

Ryan wrote the track about fumbling his way through life. It humorously touches on his experiences of everything from religion to sex to music, and Ryan himself has stated that the single is, “the clearest image of what my life has been like from childhood until now. It highlights real life scenes of growing up.”

And obviously such a quirky song just had to have an equally as quirky music video to go alongside it. Ryan delivers this with the music video for, “Church Boy,” which features him dressed in a number of fun costumes to represent several different characters. This adds an hilarious feel to the already comical yet painfully true lyrics which Ryan sings and raps (yes, raps) in the song and overall the music video has got to be one of the funniest ones we have ever seen.

Check out the official music video for, “Church Boy,” right here on CelebMix:


It’s great, isn’t it? We are already obsessed with it! Ryan’s take on what was a rather trying time in his life is hilarious and although some of the issues he touches on in the song are quite heavy, he manages to make light of them in such a unique way that they don’t seem half as bad as they actually are.

When asked about the process of making the music video, Ryan said, “it brings the entire song to life. I am so proud to have worked with my good friend Taylor Napier on this. She had a similar story to me so she understood all of my crazy ideas so she was able to run with them and turn them into something special.”

Well it was definitely something special and we absolutely loved it just like we love Ryan Lafferty. He is certainly one of a kind, daring to go where not many other artists before him have ever gone and we really respect him for that. He has bucket-loads of talent and an endless amount of personality which we are sure will serve him very well as his career continues to grow and reach new heights.

He is definitely one to watch!

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Written by Zoe Adams

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